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Eat the Head.

After our visit to Bonsai Cycle in Sendagaya, we made our way to the train with Kaiko Shimura, better known as the girl who is polluting the internet with images that would best be kept off the internet.

Thanks, Kaiko.

The train was crowded.

And unbelievably quiet! Seriously, no talking. Silence. Except for the click of my camera shutter. Whoops.

We got off the train in the hip neighborhood of Tokyo called Shinjuku. There is a mix of fine shops and sketchier streets here.

There is also a famous department store called Setan.

They had shoes.

And light bulbs.

The basement level of this department store is amazing. It’s all food goods, particularly confections and candies.

And whiskey.

Suntory Time.

On this occasion, it was ridiculously busy with women rushing to buy their men Valentine’s gifts. Yes, you read that right. Take note, America. Take note. Tim broke the mold and purchased items for his wife.

The customer service was outrageous. Each confection was delicately wrapped and placed in a special box. After paying, the clerk came around from behind the counter and handed Tim his receipt to confirm the price and then hand-counted the change due to ensure Tim received the proper amount.

And then with a bow, we left for Tempura.

There was pickled eggplant.

Tuna Sashimi.

And shrimp faces.

I balked at those beady little eyes, but the consensus at the table was to eat it. So I did. I ate his little head.

As seems to be the case at every meal, we finished off with Miso Soup and Green tea and then we headed back out into the bright lights of the Shinjuku neighborhood.

And then back on the train, where Tim refused to sit next to me.