It’s Time! Pebble Time readying for shipment, announces pre-order date

This is a big week for Pebble! It’s latest product, Pebble Time, is starting to be shipped out to the first 10,000 backers. According to a Kickstarter update the company sent out today, early backer smartwatches are at the distribution centers with tracking information expected to hit inboxes soon. 

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Can you spot the plants in this picture?

These are ‘Lithops’, members of the ice plant family. To prevent being eaten by animals, they blend into their surroundings by camouflaging themselves as pebbles or small stones.

They are tiny succulent plants which have no stem and the leaves are mostly buried in the ground; with only the top part showing on the surface to allow for photosynthesis.

They come in various shades of cream, grey and brown and the top surface is patterned with dots and lines, not even the leaves are green; making the perfect disguise to prevent being feasted on!


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if you're thinking about buying an apple watch


buy a pebble time (steel) instead

it has 10 days battery life and doesn’t try to replace your smartphone but complements it instead

its screen is akin to “e-paper” technology and is always on (and therefore completely readable under sunlight), unlike other smartwatches which use the same screens (and internal components) as smartphones. you don’t have to shake your wrist to see the time (unless you’re in pitch black darkness, in which case it will turn on the backlight for a couple seconds)

it’s compatible with both iOS and Android

you can download watch faces and apps super easily

it has actual buttons instead of a tiny ass touch screen or weird knob

it’s also open source to the point that you can literally scan a QR code and get custom firmware downlodaded onto your watch in under ten seconds

i’ve had the first edition pebble for a year and a half and it’s something i would recommend way more than any “fancier” smartwatch.

because tbh, fuck having to recharge that thing on your wrist every night