“I guess I kinda hate most things. But I never really seem to hate you. So I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Is that cool?”


Brock and Claire  ||  Andy and April

Art Credits to: x and x

1. This is love, you know. The earth cracks beneath our feet, but then the cracks become rivers, fill with rain. The love floods everything, circles back, finds ocean. In it, we drown. Again. We drown.

2. The smell of cigarettes still lingers where it has never been & I forget your voice now, but not you, who is more than a voice. I remember a time, during sex, an I love you & then my name.

3. He’s wiping himself from my stomach, spilled paint onto canvas all cleaned up. He’s back on top of me & I’m a princess. I want him to tie me to something so I can’t get away. He blisters my body with his lips & his lips are on fire.

4. My eyes are car lights, you like a deer frozen in them. I want to apologize for the collision, for the crunching of bones under tires, but I don’t know where to start. My body reverses, finds nothing but traces of your skin.

5. There is the railing we keep letting go of. There is the girl who’s in love & there is the girl who isn’t. There is somebody disillusioned & someone still dreaming & someone who can’t remember where he last hid himself. There is a man with his lips on fire. There is the body burning & there is someone always crying. There is a life on repeat. There is the life like a song we never sang out loud. There is my body. There is his. There’s the love that went missing. There is the love, inside us, there is the love nobody wants.

—  Moriah Pearson, untitled