Kiko Milano Review Part 1: [CLICS] Infinity Eyeshadow

Being a beauty consultant for a well established brand, I thought I knew most of the brands in the industry. However, that was until I stumbled across Kiko Milano Cosmetics, an italian based brand. I was in the store in Reading, Berkshire. 

I basically bought a bit of everything, so I’m just going to go through everything one by one.

So yeah, I got a bit excited.

First off I’m going to start off with the [CLICS] System Infinity eye shadows. The idea is, you buy some empty [CLICS] palates, and fill them with eye shadows of your choice. So perfect if you want very specific colours t take away with you on holiday/travel etc. I bought 5 colours:

223-an iridescent pearly pink

201-a semi matte cream

234-a pearlised burgundy brown 

211-a gorgeous copper

256-a totally matte canary yellow

(sorry about that one being blurry)

Now, I most say I am IN LOVE with these shadows. They are creamy and smooth to the touch, the colour payoff is great and they are nice big size being 2g of product and there’s not too much fallout (no more than any average shadows). The copper colour is especially stunning, it is a colour I have been searching for a long time for! I wasn’t particularly wowed by the yellow, but to be fair I find even the higher end yellows/brights tend to not be great quality. The best thing about these shadows? They are TWO POUNDS AND FIFTY PENCE. I KID YOU NOT. I honesty could have gone crazy on filling up on these, and I will definitely stock up on more next time I go to the shop! I find these to be better than most high-end shadows, so I am one happy little make up addict!

Keep posted for my other reviews on Kiko Cosmetics!

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Using the pencil, draw a heart symbol on the sheet of pearlised card.
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