These are some of the pics I took yesterday at Pearl Jam’s gig in Trieste. I did the best I could bc I wasn’t in front row and I had to struggle a little to take good photos.

First of all I have to state the obvious, IT WAS AN AMAZING CONCERT. They played for three hours straight with no guests, Eddie spoke some italian and told us some funny stories about his little girls approaching italian culture. He said that Harper, who is five years old, came to him when they got their room at the hotel and said with a serious look on her face “Dad… There’s a little sink beside the toilet.” - she didn’t know what a “bidet” is - and stated that italian curses are really easy to learn for her, in fact she currently uses testa di cazzo (dickhead) to insult random people now.
He gave me chills when he told us he’s lost his best friend John a week ago. We all cried like babies because his voice sounded really touched but at the end of the speech he just said in a calming tone “Don’t be sad, don’t ever give up. Do it for yourselves.” I will never forget this because I believe he was saying those words to himself first and it was nice to see how he unexpectedly turned his sorrow for a loss into hope for someone else. He’s such a lovely human being.
Stone Gossard, Mike McCready and Jeff Ament are awesome on stage, it was exciting to see them actually having fun, I guess they’re one of the last bands in the business who really enjoy what they do.

  • *me counting on my calender*
  • Friend:what are you doing?
  • Me:counting the days till I go see Pearl Jam in leeds...
  • Friend:is that all you have to look forward to?
  • Me:no... I am also looking forward to punching you in the face. But do not worry my friend, I will give you a countdown to that as well.
  • Friend:... So Pearl Jam are awesome though

Part of life as a Cubs fan is enduring the happy jealousy that strikes, when you watch a long-suffering fan base endure even the least bit of magic in the postseason. Especially in your backyard.

Congratulations to Kansas City, moving on to the ALCS.

Soon, soon, we’ll get our own Blue October.

Four days.

You know how you keep a running soundtrack in your head, of music and songs that will forever be entwined with your life. Like flying to London is Jane’s Addiction, “Ocean Size.” Moving across the country is “Light Years.” A relative’s death is “Nutshell.” That one stupid girl you dated pretty much stole “Jane Says” for eternity. Anyway.

These are the chords that grind before an impossible task, before shit gets real, before it all begins.