now seems like as good a time as any to post this i was busy working on this while su aired so i hope they ddint introduce a new fusion today

after putting forth a lot of effort, i would like to introduce.,. sunstone! fighter of the moonstone! friend to… well shes not actually all that friendly and is actually super judgey tbh.

aka, my concept for a gem fusion between garnet and pearl!

a close combat fighter with an eye on each hand, she is prepared for enemies on all sides. should her weapons fail to scare you, her powerful kick should send anyone running.

personality-wise, im working off the theory that the only reason opal is calm and balanced is because pearl and amethyst are opposites. their vices balance each other out. since garnet has already found her calm and balance, and because she is both strong and wise, her strength and power may magnify both the strengths and the vices of the other two gems when they fuse.

in this case, garnet’s all-seeing eye and wisdom combine with pearl’s caution and studiousness.

however, when garnet’s power and sense of leadership are combined with pearl’s somewhat scrutinizing personality, the intelligence, resourcefulness, and awareness of sunstone may make her a danger to both friend and foe.

a lot of thought was put into her design, so please enjoy the details and zoom the hell out of it