((We made a second Royal Wind, because tbh… we kinda felt the last one was terrible. xD Hopefully this one’s a bit better, at least. This should be the last set of gift art for some time, unless we get carried away again.))








brennanthewiseguy gave me a long time ago some ideas to draw, but never got the chance to do them until a few days ago.

Some of the ideas said “Sunny balancing a spinnin plate on her nose” and “Peachy being a hula dancer”, but I’m not really sure how I ended up drawing these instead of what he said.

I might try some day to draw Peachy as a hula dancer instead of playing with a hula hoop, though :B 

Oh, right! I drew these to ask you guys about the ears. From the ones who answered, it ended up winning this style. It’s a bit difficult, but fun to draw c: I can’t help but think Sunny’s ears look weird though. How do yout think they look?

(I can’t make the answers thingy appear for some reason dijfhsdaujfcdsah)