Mornin mornin. I came out. Again.

Been up all night with my bruh ridiculousrainbowswagg and sis peacelovelift!!! Hung out in university with some cool as fuck people. Chilling, smoked, drank, just had the most awesome night celebrating the fact that I came out as a transman to my mother and she supports me. She wants to be apart of it and make sure I’m safe. I thought I would lose her. In one night I gained a sis, and a mother again. Haven’t felt such a relieving feeling in so many years.
I can begin my transformation to the real me, and I’m lucky enough to have such a supporting girlfriend casuallegendary in my life to help me through this, that truly loves me, and who makes me laugh everyday. I love you Julie.

My morning run was more like a morning power walk considering the sweltering heat and my lack of running skillz.. Nonetheless, I had myself an amazing view and had to snap a few pictures to capture three things -
1. Me actually going out for a “run” (if you wanna call it that, because it’s a rarity as of late)
2. My favorite place at the beach. #neverwannaleave
3. My @peaceloveandlift (customized) tank ✌️💜💪 #peacelovelift

Sometimes we all have to take a moment and be thankful, reflect, and keep pushing ourselves. Go out and do things you wouldn’t normally do. Why not? #justdoit

Your body needs change and that means you have to constantly challenge yourself. Change up your routine, shock your system, and stay positive!

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(at North Wildwood Seawall)

Loved this perspective by @peaceloveandlift “This picture depicts why we need to stop making comparisons to others and just focus on OURSELVES! ⛔️ We are all different. Our body types are all different. Our cultures are all different. Our budgets are all different. Our emotions are all different. 🔸 Focus on finding your own BALANCE, on being healthy AND on what makes YOU happy ✌️ #peacelovelift #yourdietmethod #bebalanced
🇪🇸 Todas estas mujeres pesan lo mismo 154lbs - Ahora concluye tu si el peso es importante o es relativo! #pickyourbattles #generacionverde


took me about 2 hours of debating to post these two pictures. I’m not at all proud of this body. I’m ashamed of it. I weigh more than i’ve ever weighed before. I hide my body under sweat pants and sweat shirts. in the gym i’m self conscious of the clothes i wear to make sure no matter how my body moves not even an inch of skin will show. 

but i’m posting these pictures because I need to start loving my body. Yes i want to lose weight, yes i want muscle, but i can want those things and also love my body. My body is strong. My body loves me and I need to love it back. My body will do absolutely anything to keep my alive, to keep my heart pumping and blood running through my veins. I need to start helping my body instead of fighting it.

Here’s to a new beginning, a new story, a new way of living. 


I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!


lately i have been super upset about finical shit, and waiting on this job to come through and blah blah my life has kind of been a wreck/ in stand still for the past 2 weeks!!!!!!!


I GOT A CALL!!!!!.. the guy from the job i’ve been waiting for called, and told me about salary, he gave me a range and said HR would tell me the exact number, but EITHER WAY ITS PERFECT AND EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!!!!!!

PLUS they are going to fly me there for the interview!!!!… now i’m just waiting for the person to call and set up the interview. He said its peer interviews, so the people i will be working with are going to interview me.. i’m excited and nervous for this depending on what type of person it is! hopefully they are super nice and we hit it off and they love me and i can have the job and move there and my life will be a million times better!!!!