tbh i don’t really like this photoo but i didn’t have anything good enough to post and i wanted a picture of my new lights from ikea!

also, i had to add a watermark because some people were deleting my text :/

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Don’t delete the text! If your x-kit deletes text automatically, I’d rather you just not reblog this.

also!! if u wannt me to tag u in posts uhhh reply to this withh what stuff u like and ill tag u in pics and stuff to do with it!! *v cool peacee sign emoji*

Oh, God.

PeaCee came on my side of the office and was going down the hall, “hi, hi, hi,” and then she got to me and was all, “…Hello, Leslie,” all ~*formal*~. I reigned in my snicker and said, “Hi, PeaCee!” but I couldn’t look at her or she’d have seen it.

This woman is over 40.