You might have seen images of maps online where cartographically-skilled gamers have compared the sizes of The Largest Worlds in Gaming. … World size has always struck me as a meaningless measuring stick. For RPGs, doubly so. When I talk to someone about Skyrim, I don’t gush about the virtual land area I’ve experienced. I tell them that they can be a cat person and steal the silverware of whomever they please, or replace the mammoths with giant, exploding chickens. Distance isn’t intrinsically fun; if a game’s massive space isn’t populated purposefully, its promised ‘epic journey’ can be pretty dull. I say all this to explain why I was unmoved by the marketing line BioWare began using around E3 for Dragon Age Inquisition. This was the “biggest game in the studio’s history,” we heard in every interview. In a presentation for the game, one slide replicated exactly the style of map I mentioned, overlaying Inquisition’s zones atop the Skyrim map to demonstrate that BioWare’s world was biggest.

there are mild spoilers about individual zones but it’s so worth the read

So apparently, PCGamer had a Hearthstone beta key giveaway. They had 350 keys to toss to people, but get this, bots stole 100% of them. Now they are ending up on sites like Ebay. So hey, if you’re willing to spend around $200 on a key, today is your lucky day!

Users say there wasn’t even a button to redeem keys and all of a sudden this tweet showed up. So maybe we’ll get lucky and PCGamer will release a more secure method of distribution for next week. Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

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