We can see on our screens each week how fantastic Jensen is as an actor but we don’t see the effort he puts into the show off screen, the extra lengths he goes to for his fellow actors, he keeps in character for hours off screen to be there for them, he’s amazing and he’s so freaking humble with it. He deserves to win best actor. 


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“His fans are dedicated voters,” Collins’ mother, Rebecca Tippens said, “but this award was on national TV — it is kinda a big deal,” she said. “He IS a good actor and a goodly man … Of course, my subjective opinion may be a bit biased”.

Diane Broncaccio, The Recorder

They interviewed Misha’s mom about his PCA win. Don’t everybody head over there at once and break the site. :)

Sorry but if Jensen Ackles does not recieve an award for his acting on Supernatural it will be a TRAVESTY.

This is the only one we can help with.

Please vote Jensen BEST SCI-FI ACTOR - PEOPLES CHOICE because the award is to show appreciation for acting and its the one Jensen deserves to take home this year.

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motherfucking chris evans leaping out of his seat to offer betty white his arm and help her to the stage like seriously? captain america, what a fucking gentleman GOD *flips table with love*