Microsoft talks Minecraft 2 and unifying Minecraft across consoles

"It’s a big deal," Spencer said about the acquisition. "For me, I look at it as a great game to add to our portfolio. I love who plays Minecraft. I love that male, female, young, and old—it’s something that lives on so many different screens. I’d love to bring it to more screens out there."

"I think what we’ve learned through Xbox Live is something that we can help in unifying a little bit of what happens with Minecraft today," he said. "If I’m on PC I get access to the mod servers; if I’m on console or the mobile editions, I don’t. We’re looking at how do we bring that whole system together a little more. Because there are other games out there that let me move from screen to screen fairly seamlessly."

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Gaming For A Cause

So my friend is doing a neat 24 hour gamefest with some peeps to raise money for a local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. They’ll be streaming live and all donations go to the hospital to help kids in need. They’ll be playing anything from horror, co-op, and much more! Join the cause by tuning into their live stream: & starting on Oct. 25th, 2014 at 8AM (Pacific Time)

Not to mention, donors will get a chance to win amazing gaming bundles and Steam PC games will be given throughout the stream.

For more information and to donate, click on this here fine link: 

(Prizes and goods are also on the page.)

You can also help by reblogging this post or spreading the word to others. The more the merrier and it’s all for an important cause!

The Last Night - A Cyberpunk Adventure Game

You know what we need?  More cyberpunk games.  We also need more adventure games.  It’s a good thing that Tim and Adrien Soret feel the same way.  It’s a great thing that they did something about it.

I present to you:


A short, moody, cyberpunk adventure game in the spirit of Flashback & Blade Runner. It was originally a small flash game made in 6 days, which won the cyberpunkjam.


You can play the original version here.

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League of Legends presenta el evento de Harrowing con una nueva cinemática

Riot Games nos está mal acostumbrando mostrandonos cinemáticas para League of Legends de una calidad exquisita, esta vez se ponen una capa lúgubre de misterio para enseñarnos el…