“Fish!” [GB]

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“Inter-Dimensional Espionage. Inter-Dimensional… because you can “warp” into the body of a living thing in this or any other dimension. Espionage… because there are good guys and bad. And you’re a good one… with years under your belt and a multitude of successful missions behind your dark glasses. The payoff? You get a vacation, and the ultimate vacation in this business is to become a goldfish.

Yes, a goldfish. Hey, it’s cushy. You swim a little, eat a little, live in a castle. (So what if it’s plastic.) Just as you were getting into the vacation mode (umbrella drink and all), the tide turns. The most dangerous group of inter-dimensional anarchists surface - the Seven Deadly Fins. This septic septet will stop at nothing to destroy all forms of life as we know it. And wouldn’t you know it, you are drafted to stop them!”

~Moby Games


If you are using spotify on the PC and an advert starts playing here is how to stop it: 

When the advert starts playing go to the search bar and find Taylor Swift

Click on the her spotify page and look for her 1989 Album

All of the songs dont play but you can still click them

Just double click on any song that is on the album 1989 and it should stop the advert

Go back to any song you want to play, click it and it skips the adverts and plays the song :)



“A mysterious artifact has arrived. We aren’t sure where it came from or why it is even here. We call it The Catalyst.

A catalyst is an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action; as the performers react to it, the music changes from dark and aggressive to light and regal. And like a chemical catalyst, this one also changes as it reacts to the performers.

The production is developed around Eric Whitacre’s vocal transcription of “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode. Whitacre’s treatment of this tune feels both haunting and hopeful. Its atmosphere at the beginning of the program is eerie and unsettling. By the end, it feels positive and optimistic.

Placed around it are musical works by Prokofiev, Uematsu, and Ticheli, which reflect the reaction initiated by The Catalyst as the show progresses from chaos and conflict to an optimistic and consonant resolution.”