Take a look at the NVIDIA exclusive optimizations available in the PC version of #AssassinsCreed Unity.


I’m making good progress with this game. c:

This is a game that is story based. Its a visual novel. You play this game by picking different event and dialog options. The focus is just enjoying yourself.

Its targeted towards artists and gamers. It uses quite a bit of self referential humor.

Description:What if your drawings had a mind of their own? What would they think of their creator and how would they view life? This is the questionable tale of a character’s self-discovery.

You play as the female protagonist Untitled.

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Good news, everyone! I’ve got my desk and computer set up again!

Awful news: there appears to be a problem with my computer. The monitor’s not working: it powers on, then almost immediately goes to sleep mode. All the connections seem fine, so it should be receiving a/v signals from the tower. Hopefully I can find an answer via Google.


Apparently video games were a lot more fucked up than we remember.