Telltale Games and Mojang announce episodic Minecraft: Story Mode

Telltale Games in conjunction with Mojang have announced a new episodic, player decision-driven series titled Minecraft: Story Mode. Similar to what Telltale has done with The Walking Dead, Borderlandsand Game of Thrones properties in their other games, Story Mode will be told through episodes released periodically and give gamers the option to play through the world ofMinecraft making decisions of arguable importance along the way.

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I had so many Mangle jokes lined up that I bundled up a good chunk of them in their own video!

From “Five Nights at Freddy’s 2”

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Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Series

Minecraft: Story Mode – A Telltale Series

Minecraft: Story Mode – A New Telltale Game Series coming in 2015

Telltale has confirmed a new partnership between themselves and Majong in a move that will allow Telltale to create their famously renowned episodic series around Majong’s behemoth of a success Minecraft, one of the most popular games in video game history. (more…)

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