Doom 3, Machine Gun

-The original Doom didn’t have an assault rifle. Now if you play Brutal Doom it does. It even has a reload animation which..strange. But anyways, Doom 3 adds a assault rifle to the mix. And it works alright. I do like the reload. It reminds me of a P90, and I always find those guns to have neat looking reloads. This reloading animation is quick, but I still enjoy the precision of it. 


What the hell is wrong with the AOS fandom???? Are u really attacking and hating on JEMMA FUCKING SIMMONS??? Why because she wanted to get justice/revenge on the man who betrayed her family?? The man who caused pain and emotional suffering for 1 of her friends (who she considers a family member) and actually damaged the ONLY person in the world who loves more than anything, who understands better than anyone in the world?? A man who was the reason everything she worked for and believed in was shredded and never put back together? (just look at shield now there’s real and not so real shield) and ward is one the men who destroyed it, he took from her safety and trust in the organization she believed in, believed it can never be thrown apart, believed it will always keep her, her friends & family safe and sound from the horrors of the world, believed in its science, logic, believed it can never be defeated or corrupted. Believed that all of contributions and efforts were used for the greater good, used to save/protect people. All of this was taken away from her, and wiped out in a matter of few hours/mints, all that she has been building up for herself for years was gone in a matter of seconds and now she had to protect herself and the people she loved without any support , the agency she believed with all of her heart was now in a war zone, people she admired, respected, and looked up to, were now killing her fellow co-workers, were destroying everything shield has been building for over 70 years, were using all the knowledge and recourse to destroy the very agency that gave her opportunities she never dreamed of, and used it to support the rise of a terrorist agency, she was left alone with no-one to protect her expect for a new guy she barley knows, that can be for all she knows a betrayer like all the others. she was then tested on her loyalties with a chance of her being killed or taken, she passed and only had allies of 7-8 people non of them are friends/family, they were under siege and threatened to be taken or killed because their loyalties weren’t tested yet. She then had to give up her badge (even skye said she was tearing up when she had to gave it up), it was the official thing that said the shield she knows is now dead for good. After the downfall none of them had time to process their grief the loss, they had to suck it and work hard to try and salvage what they can, of what’s left of shield. Afterward, after everything they had to deal with the last few days, they all finally found a safe haven, a place that’s protected, a place of shield that was not corrupted by hydra, they were all cleared to 100% trust each other, they were told they were among friends/family, no more fear or worry of betrayers popping out of nowhere, she started to settle down, she was gathering things to make pancake to sheer her boos up because things were again unsettling, a member of the team just walked out, another two left in suspicious way, then she found a dead body, the safe haven is cooperated, and all the science she knows is telling her that one of her friends/family that was cleared few a hours ago to be trusted 100% is the wolf in the heard all this time, everything they have been through has been a lie, fake, she had to accept and deal with it because her best friend wasn’t he still had hope, so she couldn’t have any she needed to just accept it as it is. If that’s not enough, she was dropped off a plane to her death (for all she knows, we all know if he really wanted to kill them he could have done it in matter of seconds he’s a fucking trained killer, he can shot from yards afar) by a former friend/family member with her other still screaming that he believes in him, she woke to find herself in the bottom of the ocean with no chance of getting out, she and her best friend were going to die slowly and there’s no stopping it. When they did find hope to survive, to actually have a chance to live, it was only for one of them to survive will the other one dies, and she couldn’t accept it, she would rather die than losing her best friend, just when it seemed she any more complicated things to deal with, he tells her he’s in love with her (in his own words), and she didn’t have enough time to process then in a matter of seconds he was saving her and sacrificing himself. Following these dramatic events one after another, all she wanted was to talk to her friend to have some stability to relax to take a load off but she couldn’t even do that, her best friend the man she love more than anything (and possibly very big possibility is in love with him) is different, he’s “broken” he needs to help to adjust to figure things out, he needs to lean on someone, but she needed a break, she needed to rely/lean on the person she loves the most but she can’t, she has to yet again suck it all up and deal with, try to be the support system fitz needed, and because everything was already tense between them before he changed, it was just too ,much to deal it, it was over her head, what is more she was actually hurting him, making him worse and it just broke her, she couldn’t comfort or help him. She felt useless, alone, sad, she needed someone, needed to be there for someone but even that was taken from her, she couldn’t be comforted or comfort someone, fitz was dealing with his own new change, skye is learning to become a fighter, she’s dealing with her anger and sadness on her own way, she has May to look out for her, be there for her, teach her how to deal with everything that happened, Jemma had NO one, she was yet again left alone to deal with everything that happened. Hence, asking Coulson to put her on an assignment/mission to feel like she’s doing something, something that she can handle, something that she will not mess-up, something that will help her deal with everything she went through, she had to smile, be all nice and stuff to the very people who destroyed her world, who turned her life up-side-down, who took away her bff, all the while she has to gather information, resources, and make sure she’s not discovered as a double agent, then she was caught red-handed, and all over again she was all alone running for her life, with no escape plan, no back-up, yes Bobbie saved her and got her out but those few mints felt like eternity, for those few mints she was facing death or even worse brain washing, she came back home to that her relationship with fitz is now even worse, he’s now angry at her for not being there for him, which is something she did so that he can get better, which he did but he can’t seem to recognize what she went through, what she gave up and why, instead of telling him and explaining to him, she just took it so he wouldn’t feel bad, which put just more restrain on their relationship, thus fitz getting a closer friendship with mc (even before she got back), Simmons getting aa closer friendship with Bobbie. Just as finally she felt there’s someone there for her finally, she can talk to someone, and this person would listen, understand, but yet again she betrayed, yet again by a friend, which despite everything it brought her & fitz closer so close they depend on the other one to break away and get their team back together, still she was fine because she had May, she still had someone with her on the inside so which wasn’t alone that until May “turned” on her and joined the other team, (yes the “real” shield are not hydra, they aren’t the enemy still team Coulson didn’t trust them (back then) and they were invaded by them and took over, took control then told what they were doing so wrong and that their leader/boss is to be captured, questioned, and dealt with.) so yet again she was all alone, not knowing what do, who to trust, so she remind loyal and kept faith in Coulson, despite all the evidence stacked up against up, only to see him with her own eyes working with the very man who ruined everything she held dear, took everything from her and most importantly made her relationship with fitz strained (which lead to her facing EVERYTHING ON HER OWN). Now she had to actually work with this man, to actually depend on him (a losses cannon, a wild card), she have to see, talk, work with this man who killed numerous shield agents, used her and her friends, betrayed them, and tried to kill her and her bff (as far as she knows, we know better we know that ward really wanted to kill them he would have, but this us the fans, not her or fitz) and she supposed to what not take safety measures or get justice/revenge on him??? All she can see is a threat, a threat that already ruined everything for her, and still can for all she knows, (what she’s supposed to believe/buy this whole new ward??? None of them did, but all of them just went it like they do with everything) a threat that she feels her team is not taking seriously, a threat she felt like she had to get rid of, because everything she has been doing for the past 8 months or so was on her OWN, ever since shield fell down, she’s been alone, she had to depend on her own with NO help, she did NOT feel safe or protected, she had to provide safety and protection all on her own, and the ONLY way she felt SAFE, is when ward is out of the picture. Yes she killed that guy (bakshi) but guess what?? It was by ACCIDENT he wasn’t the target, and the whole fandom is all over about killing an brain washed man SERIOUSLY??? Him being BRAIN WASHED is the ONLY reason he’s NOT killing them, did the whole fandom forget who this guy is REALLY IS??? HE’S HYDRA, HE’S EVIL, HE’S THE FUCKING ENEMY, but the fandom is actually nagging on her calling her name, saying she’s a bad person for trying to provide safety for herself and her friends REALLY??? As for her “not” feeling guilty, um are we watching the same show??? She did NOT have time to feel guilty, the threat she’s so scared of was POINTING A FUCKING AT HER with his finger on the TRIGGER, she was yet again facing death alone by the man she HATES the most and he dares to tell her that he’s disappointed in her. HOWEVER, NO BODY in the entire fandom are EVEN talking about skye’s first KILL, and how her heart beat did NOT even go over 61 BPM, but when she talked to ward her heart beat was 100 BPM, she had more trouble talking to ward than she had when she made her first kill, and her first kill unlike Simmons was NOT accidental, he was a target and she took him out with a CLEAR CONSCIOUS, and the guy she took out was a TEENAGER, and innocent INNOCENT TEENAGER who was BRAIN WASHED BY HYDRA, she did NOT feel bad, did NOT show any kind of sings of feeling uneasy for taking a life. Yet somehow Simmons got HATRED for killing an ENEMY/BAD/EVIL GROWN MAN, but skye did NOT get any hatred for killing an INNOCENT TEENAGER BRAIN WASHED BY HYDRA!!!!!! Saying that she compromised the mission and other bullshit , how did she compromise the mission exactly??? Her part was to go and check on Mike to make sure of his health status which she did, Bakshi was under the control of ward NOT shield which meant ward the wide card could make him do whatever he wants, he already tricked Coulson and his team in E19, what will exactly stop him from doing the same thing again?? Ward has his OWN plan /agenda that does NOT go along with shield’s plans/agenda, how is eliminating a threat to shield is compromising the mission??? They got what they needed saved Mike & Lincoln, and Coulson got the information needed from hydra base, Bakshi was disposable he got all they needed. This fandom has been on Jemma’s case ALL SEASON LONG, they called her name, hated on her, said she’s acting occ, said they don’t like this “new” Simmons, NEVR gave her a FUCKING break NOT once, nagged on her, NEVER EVEN TRIED TO UNDERSTAND HER, OR UNDERSTAND WHAT SHE WENT THROUGH, she can’t do anything right in the fandoms eyes, everything she does is WRONG, like the whole thing with skye’s powers and the gloves she gave skye that controlled/take away her power or whatever, all the fandom said she’s being mean, inconsiderate, cold hearted, NO one saw it for what is, she was TERRIFIED, she like everyone else didn’t know what skye’s powers were, how she changed, they all entered into this new world they know NOTHONG about, all of their years of experience is became useless, it’s was doubly hard for Simmons because she’s supposed to be the one who figure things out, her science is supposed to help to make sense of all of this, and she came with nothing, the ONLY other one who changed became a wild killer who killed most of the people she worked with right in front of her eyes, she looked like something she ever seen before, she looked scary even whatever name wanted to KILL HERSELF BECAUSE OF THE WAY SHE LOOKED, SHE STILL (up until E20) could NOT accept her new change/look. But the whole fandom went CRAZY on Simmons accusing her of being a bad person for not accepting or understanding skye, even Fitz didn’t trust her enough to tell her about skye new change, NO one understood Simmons yet they expected her to just accept all of this, face it alone and understand it all with no doubt or complain, or being basically human, they just wanted her to be perfect, NOT any mistakes, she wasn’t allowed to have another perspective, or a different opinion, or to see the negative results of new change skye went through, no the fandom just wanted her to accept things as they are and if she didn’t then she’s a HORRIBLE person, she’s NOT allowed to study it or make sense of it for herself, she did with she did the glove thing with the APPROVAL of Coulson, Coulson himself saw that it was necessary for skye o have these gloves do you see anyone in the shield fandom calling him names, hating on him, saying he’s occ (which is kind of ironic since he’s the most occ this season), Coulson was the ONE who took skye away, separated her from the team/her family, why isn’t anyone on his case???? Why isn’t anyone questing him and his decision, his opinion, his perspective??????!!! Why Simmons getting all the HEAT, and Coulson isn’t getting ANY HEAT what so ever??? EVEN May was did NOT trust Coulson, Simmons was more LOYAL and had more FAITH in Coulson than MAY!!!!! so I’m here to say BACK THE FUCK OFF JEMMA FUCKING SIMMONS, SHE’S SUFFRED JUST LIKE THE OTHERS IF NOT MORE, AND SHE WENT THROUGH HER SUFFREING ALL BY HERSELF SO SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT HOW “BAD” OR “OCC” SHE IS IN S2, SHE’S STILL THE SAME JEMMA FUCKING SIMMONS STRONGER THAN EVER, LOVE HER FRIENDS /FAMILY SO MUCH SO SHE’S WELLING TO KILL FOR THEM TO PROTECT THEM FROM ANY POSSIBLE THREAT. She’s actually even more AWESOME than ever she was able to trick BOBBIE FUKCNG MORE TWICE ALONG WITH MAC (in the second act). So STOP NAGGING ON HER, and nag/hate on the people who deserves it.