Happy Holidays from the Vicious and PBS families.

Don’t miss the Vicious Holiday special starring Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, December 25th on PBS.

Ada Lovelace Day is just around the corner! Don’t miss PBS’ timely “Makers: Women in Space" special this Tuesday at 9pm (PST), or online the following afternoon. Narrated by Jodie Foster, the documentary features interviews with female astronauts, aviators, and engineers who have paved the way for women in STEM.

We’ll be celebrating women in science all week here with retrospective posts.


Vote Now- Get My Film on PBS

 My short Trans Lives Matter! Justice for Islan Nettles is in the running to air on PBS. 

Official Selection of PBS Reel 13’s weekly short film contest, dedicated to the best in short film.  October 2014 is  “AFROPUNK Month.” Voting begins Now & continues through Wednesday, October 22nd  at 5pm NYC time. Vote more than once.
Get my work on PBS as part of Reel 13 on Channel Thirteen.

I know we can make this happen. Please forward widely.

Also on Exhibition @ Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art Wooster St Gallery

26 Wooster Street Window Gallery
Visible from Street level, on view 24/7

Trans Lives Matter! Justice for Islan Nettles.
A powerful and intensely moving document of a community vigil for Islan Nettles a transgender Womyn of Color. Because the brutal and increasing attacks on Trans Womyn of Color are outrageous their oppression causes outrage. Because healing and action tighten our fists and boom our voices. -supported by Ciy Lore & Bronx Documentary Center (BDC)

I was just really craving an animal movie tonight and once I began thinking about how many great ones are out there, I decided to make this for you guys to use as a reference! :) Because I love you and because you probably deserve a break. So go make yourself some tea, grab a snack, get cozy and pick one or two or ten.. (whether you in the mood for hilarious or heartbreaking) Enjoy!

Snow Dogs
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
We Bought a Zoo
Air Bud
Big Miracle
Jurassic Park 
The Lost World
Jurassic Park III
White Fang
Over the Hedge
Ice Age
Madagascar (II, III)
The Lion King (II, IS)
Finding Nemo
Beethoven (II, III)
Mighty Joe Young
Rio (pt two)
Snakes on a Plane
The Black Stallion
The Fox & The Hound
Lady and the Tramp
Happy Feet
All Dogs go to Heaven
Brother Bear
Oliver & Company
A Bug’s Life
Cats & Dogs
Two Brothers
Moby Dick
Best in Show
Homeward Bound (II)
Balto (II, III)
The Zookeeper
101 Dalmatians
Kung Fu Panda (II)
The Aristocats
Black Beauty
Marley & Me
Hachi: A Dog’s Tale
Born Free
Charlotte’s Web
Never Cry Wolf
Old Yeller
Crocodile Hunter
Chicken Run
Where the Red Fern Grows
Hotel for Dogs
War Horse
Because of Winn-Dixie
Eight Below
Free Willy
Racing Stripes
March of the Penguins
Fly Away Home
King Kong
Iron  Will
Life of  Pi
Dolphin Tale
Gorillas in the Mist
Kangaroo Jack
Doctor Dolittle
Wild America

Bonuses: Wildlife Documentaries

Disney Nature- African Cats
Disney Nature- Bears
Disney Nature- Chimpanzee
Planet Earth:
From Pole to Pole
Fresh Water
Ice Worlds
Great Plains
Shallow Seas
Seasonal Forests
Ocean Deep
BBC Life- Challenges of Life
BBC Life- Reptiles & Amphibians
BBC Life- Mammals
BBC Life- Insects
BBC Life- Creatures of the Deep
BBC Life- Hunters and Hunted
BBC - Life in Cold Blood
BBC - Madagascar
BBC- Birds of Paradise
Inside Nature’s Giants:
The Hippo
Polar Bear
Leatherback Turtle
The Giant Squid
Rogue Baboon
Dinosaur Bird
Great White Shark
National Geographic:
The Lion Whisperer
Drain the Ocean
Ultimate Shark
Emperors of the Ice
Lions and Hyenas
Ultimate Crocodile
Deadliest Animal Battles
Big Cats
Great Bear Rainforest
Mutant Planet:
 New Zealand
Brazil’s Cerrado
Africa’s Rift Valley Lakes
Veterinary Medicine- Bondi Vet
Safari Veterinary School  
NatGeo TV- Built for the Kill 
NatGeo TV- Monster Fish 
The Cove
Born to be Wild
Grizzly Man
Wild Appalachia
Spain’s Last Lynx
To the Arctic 3D
PBS Nature Full Episodes!

Warning: many of these movies may reopen wounds from your childhood. & If you have no idea where to start I’d be happy to make recommendations :) <3

Learn about the African Kushites who overthrew the ancient Egyptians.

Around 800 BC, Kush, a little-known subject state of Egypt, rose up and conquered Egypt, enthroned its own Pharaohs and ruled for nearly 100 years. This unlikely chapter of history has been buried by the Egyptians and was belittled by early archaeologists, who refused to believe that dark-skinned Africans could have risen so high.

I have re-fallen in love with PBS, mainly because their online selection of videos is so frickin’ BAMF.

Thought my followers would enjoy this little FULL EPISODE about racism, archaeology, and the fact that YES, THERE WERE BLACK RULERS OF EGYPT AND BLACK PEOPLE IN EGYPT AND GUESS WHAT, THEY KICKED ASS.


Laurel Nakadate makes art by connecting with strangers, and she wants you to do this, too! She gives us the challenge of finding little known family members and making their photographic portrait. Here are the specifics:

1. Find a family member who you haven’t seen in a while or have never met

2. Take their portrait

3. Upload it to your social media platform of choice using #theartassignment

4. Fame and glory (your work might be in a future episode)

Special thanks to Leslie Tonkonow Gallery

And don’t forget to read (or re-read!) Roland Barthes’ Camera Lucida

Super excited to share that I’ve partnered with Ford & PBS in support of Finding Your Roots hosted by Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr! Tomorrow night (Tuesday, 10/28 at 8pm est) I’ll be hosting a live chat of the newest episode featuring Nas, Angela Bassett & Valerie Jarett. Tune in to PBS Tuesday, 10/28 at 8pm est and join the conversation on Twitter using #MyFordRoots & #FindingYourRoots! 

Here’s a bit more info on the show and tomorrow night’s episode: 

Since the premiere of his groundbreaking series African American Lives (2006) through the first season of Finding Your Roots (2012), noted Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  has been helping people discover long-lost relatives hidden for generations within the branches of their family trees.  Professor Gates utilizes a team of genealogists to reconstruct the paper trail left behind by our ancestors and the world’s leading geneticists to decode our DNA and help us travel thousands of years into the past to discover the origins of our earliest forebears.

We Come From People” 10/28 at 8pm EST
Angela Bassett, Valerie Jarrett and Nas’ roots run back into the heart of slavery, revealing there is no single narrative and challenging our preconceptions of an era that has profoundly shaped our nations sense of itself. Hip hop artist Nas discovers a web of his slave ancestors and their intimate relationship with their slave master.

This season, in addition to researching the genealogy of a variety of famous Americans, each episode will feature a 30-second spot that looks back at the history of Henry Ford and his visionary, family-owned company. For Gates, one of Henry Ford’s lasting contributions was his willingness to pay a fair wage to African American workers employed in his factories, which led Southern sharecroppers to Detroit as part of the early 20th century’s great migration.

Full disclosure: This post is sponsored by FORD & PBS. All thoughts are my own.