For everyone complaining whether their videos shouldn’t be flagged on Youtube, this guy does an amazing job explaining why you’re wrong.

Also, relevant since Nintendo is now the first company to step up concerning their content.

It’s almost here! The television event of the year! This calls for a special Bonus Comic!

As I mentioned in the last issue of The Weekly Tickle Brain, today sees Shakespeare Uncovered (pbsshakespeare) return to PBS for its second season! I’m so excited. At 9pm Hugh Bonneville will be taking a look at A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and at 10pm it will be Christopher Plummer expounding upon King Lear, a role I was lucky enough to see him play at the Stratford Festival. I enjoyed the first season of Shakespeare Uncovered, and am really geekily excited about this.

Macbeth on PBS

Reminder the Met’s production of Macbeth is airing on PBS Feb 1 at noon EST (no rerun).  Check local listings for times and possible encore presentations.

Anita Rachvelishvili on hosting duty.


Join Bad Astronomer Phil Plait for a guided tour of the past, present and future of the universe with Crash Course astronomy! 


Laurel Nakadate makes art by connecting with strangers, and she wants you to do this, too! She gives us the challenge of finding little known family members and making their photographic portrait. Here are the specifics:

1. Find a family member who you haven’t seen in a while or have never met

2. Take their portrait

3. Upload it to your social media platform of choice using #theartassignment

4. Fame and glory (your work might be in a future episode)

Special thanks to Leslie Tonkonow Gallery

And don’t forget to read (or re-read!) Roland Barthes’ Camera Lucida