still a p.boy on my page  // today is your birthday norm

last week i made an artwork for the brand-new album by my friend PRETTY BOY MAKES RAVE. It’s called POST MODERN EXIT STRATEGY.

today is also his birthday and i want to take the chance to promote his album, show off the cover which features a photo that i took in 2008 and just say happy happy birthday ma pretty pretty boy!

i hope we will play a lot more nights together in the upcoming year!

love, boje b.

same dude, different beer.

ok, actually a different city and different circumstances but white elephants for sure. tonight we’ll visit norm in berlin, but mainly we’ll visit a devendra banhart concert. sounds awesome, doesn’t it? 

something else for you  // in this case a kind of construction area as it was written down last week.

so here we got the artwork for the new remix-best-of from ma dude PBMR. maybe you know him from the last work i did for his actual longplayer POSTMODERN EXIT STRATEGY. this time his new release also features one of my photos, shot two years ago at a train station. most of his remixes are damn danceable floor fillers so check them out and let’s have a party. by the way you can get most of his stuff on his bandcamp page.

if you are interested, there is also a radio show we did together last week with my lovely freakin’ friedrich at the famous free radio station RADIO BLAU, where we talked about music in movies, movies with music and last but not least my mum. we had a lot of fun and if you want to hear it you can get it right here.

enjoy this extraordinary bucket full of music and have fun!