taerias asked:

Hey PBG I've been watching your vids for a while so I remember so of the older videos like Top Ten Climbers in video games. My question is what happened to Kyrak Jellyman, I know he was in MC hardcore, but why did you guys stop doing vids together?

We both kinda just went to college and moved far away, etc. It just kinda happens! I still talk to him occasionally. =)

anonymous asked:

Seeing your skin on PBG's recent Minecraft Hardcore video has made me hungry for some Burger King. I hope you're happy! :P

I’m not, but I’m sure Burger King are.

anonymous asked:

Hey Jeff, what's your policy on making guest appearances in videos?

My policy is usually to just try and be nice to people and do things for others. The problem is time though, whenever I have to set up everything to film and do things for other people, even if it takes up a few hours, it can sometimes pull me away from other things I really need to get done. I’d only help someone I know is dedicated as well, I would never help someone who has 2 videos on their channel and isn’t decently well established yet. I think people would understand why. Time has gotten a lot more important to me because I have a lot of personal deadlines that I set, and I have more real deadlines for PBG as well.


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Congratulations PBG! You've come far since 2009, and I haven't been here the whole time but watching you grow since I found your channel has been amazing. You've worked hard and it shows. Here's to a million more!