anonymous said:

Jared, I love you what you do, I'm proud of you, I'm gonna let you finish, but PBG is the coolest member in Normal Boots of all time.

He truly is.

It’s not easy going through life knowing always knowing that there’s somebody better than you.

anonymous said:

Are you friends with Austin/PBG? If so, will you be attending him and Unicornism's wedding?

Ive only “met” him once and unfortunately I was feeling too sick to even say hello. But I wish them the best and lots of happiness :)

diyopolo said:

favorite normal boots-er and favorite hidden block-er?

Favorite Hidden Blocker is a tie between Brutalmoose NintendofanFTW and Yungtown. I also haven’t seen many of SpaceHamsters videos but he is very nice in person.

I don’t actually watch anybody on Normal Boots but DYKG, PBG and ProtonJon are all cool people. I was too shy to actually say hello to ProtonJon when I saw him though u_u

Edit: It has come to my attention that ProtonJon isn’t actually part of Normal Boots. Oops. He’s still cool tho