(Request) Sam/Reader - Tattoos Oneshot

Anon request: Supernatural request! reader has been hunting with the boys for a while. she has a bunch of tattoos all over her body and Sam really likes tattoos. he typically is able to control himself and restrain from starring or touching them, but one night the reader and him have to share a room and yeah. lol it doesn’t have to be smutty or anything but sam has a tattoo-kink :) thank you!!!

A/N: I’ve never written a Sam oneshot before, nor do I have any tattoos (as of yet), so I hope this is ok  :)


The impala pulled up into the motel car park with a squeal of tire rubber on the wet tarmac, the rain pelting down hard outside and the occasional rumble of thunder echoing off in the distance. You groaned inwardly as the engine died and you realised you’d have to get out of the car, and Dean had parked a good couple of meters away from the motel’s reception. Normally you wouldn’t shy away from a little bit of heavy rain, but it just so happened that the werewolf you and the Winchesters just finished hunting had completely tore apart your jacket, leaving nothing but a light shirt protecting you from the harsh weather. The hunt hadn’t exactly been a walk through the park either, and you were absolutely exhausted, as well as shivering from the cold. The last thing you wanted was to be soaking wet as well.

Sam glanced at you in the back through the review mirror, a worried expression knotting his brow as he noticed your troubled expression as you stared out the window. He turned in his seat to face you, taking note of the goosebumps that covered your arms, even if they were a little hard to spot amongst all the tattoos that littered your skin.

Your eyes left the window as you felt him staring, meeting Sam’s gaze where he threw you a one sided smile.

“You want my jacket?” he asked, starting to take the item of clothing off before you’d even had a chance to reply.

“Oh no, Sam, you don’t have to do that.” You tried to object but he was already passing the jacket back to you.

“It’s okay, really. At least wear it until we get inside, ok?” he spoke with a concerned tone to his voice, smiling at you reassuringly as you took it from him.

You couldn’t help smiling back at him thankfully, sliding the jacket around you and slipping your arms through the sleeves. It was big and warm, and the distinct smell of ‘Sam’ alone was enough to make your heart flutter. You looked up at him again with an even wider smile, the younger Winchester nodding happily at you in response.

“Alright, love birds, can we get inside the motel already?” Dean interrupted your moment as he rolled his eyes, Sam instantly snapping to look at him at the ‘love birds’ comment.

“Dean, we’re not-”

“Yeah, yeah, save it for the judge.” Sam tried to object but Dean instantly cut him off, then stepping out of the impala and closing the door behind him before Sam could say any more on the matter.

The taller hunter exhaled a sigh through his nose, before looking back to you as you giggled at their brotherly exchange. He smiled back at you in response, the two of you then quickly climbing out the car and running after Dean across the car park, eager to get inside again and out of the downpour.

Even though you’d been outside for barely ten seconds you already felt soaked through to the bone by the time you got to the reception. You held out your drenched arms and looked at Sam’s jacket, the rain dripping off the sleeves and onto the carpet. You sighed in defeat, not even the warmth and size of Sam’s jacket had kept you dry. You looked up to Sam who was stood next to you, his hair messy and stuck to his face with water, his shirt just as soaked through. He shot you an apologetic smile, the two of you then walking over to the front desk where Dean was talking to the receptionist.

“Single and a double for the night.” Dean asked casually for your usual set up, the brothers shared while you’d get a room to yourself.

The man at the desk shook his head. “Sorry, two singles is all we have.”

Dean groaned, running a hand through his hair which was flat from the rain as he turned to face you and Sam. “Well I don’t know about you two, but I’m not driving round this late in this weather just to search for another motel.”

You both nodded, each of you too wet and too tired to even try and argue.

Dean paid and took the room keys from the man at the desk, before once again turning his attention back to you and Sam.

“Well, I guess you two are sharing then.” You smirked as you tried to snatch the keys from Dean, “I’ll leave you to fight over who gets the couch.”

The elder brother managed to swipe the keys from your reach though before you could take them. “No way, I’m leaving you two love birds to share. Have fun.” He threw Sam the other set of keys who instantly caught them on instinct, Dean then running off down the hall to his room before either of you could argue.

“Dean!” Sam called after his brother, although he was abruptly shushed by the man at reception who pointed to the clock on his desk, Sam quickly realising that everyone in their rooms were probably trying to sleep by now. He light out another exasperated sigh through his nose, turning to you with an irritated expression. “Sorry, (Y/N).”

You smiled tiredly and shook your head, batting a hand in dismissal. “Don’t worry, let’s just get in and change.”

Once you’d reached your room and dumped your bags on the floor, you started to peel off Sam’s soaking jacket from your body, the item surprisingly heavy now that it was drenched.

He stepped towards you and took the item from your hands, leaving it to dry over by the window. “Sorry, I guess it wasn’t as waterproof as I… thought…” his sentence seemed to trail off as he suddenly found himself staring at you now you’d taken the jacket off, making you frown in confusion and look down at yourself.

Your wet shirt was clinging to your body, making you feel more than a little insecure in front of the Winchester, and the water on your skin gave a slightly glossy shine to the tattoos on your arms. You fidgeted a little unsurely as Sam seemed momentarily fixated on you, and you could visibly see him swallow before he appeared to have regained his composure.

“U-uhm… you should get changed,” he placed his hands on his hips and nodded, now avoiding eye contact with you as he spoke. “You can go first in the shower, I don’t mind.”

You raised an eyebrow curiously at Sam and how he was randomly acting, but the concept of a warm shower was too inviting for you to delay by questioning him. You grabbed a change of clothes and a clean towel, but a sixth sense was telling you that Sam’s eyes were back on you the moment your back was turned, before you disappeared into the bathroom.

After your shower you changed into a pair of pyjama bottoms and a vest, stepping out of the bathroom to see Sam sat watching TV, although his gaze instantly fell back on you the moment you stepped into the room. You walked over and sat down next to him on the small couch, his eyes never once leaving you as you did.

“What’s on?” you asked with a yawn, nodding to the TV.

Sam blinked for a moment, tearing his eyes away from you to look back at the small screen. “Oh, uh… nothing much. I was just channel hopping.”

He passed you the remote to allow you to pick what you wanted to watch, but as much as you tried to focus on the TV, you were admittedly being put off by how many times Sam kept looking at you. You could tell he was trying to be discreet now, taking quick glances in the hope you wouldn’t notice, or looking away quickly if you ever looked back at him. You shook your head, muting the TV for a moment and turning to give your full attention to Sam.

“Alright, what is it?” you asked him, raising an eyebrow expectantly.

Sam looked at you with an innocent gaze, seemingly confused by your question. “What? What’s what?”

You chuckled and rolled your eyes. “Why do you keep staring at me? Is there something on my face? A hole in my shirt I’ve not noticed? What?”

If you hadn’t known better, you might have thought you’d seen a blush just beginning to tint Sam’s cheeks, the Winchester then clearing his throat to reply. “I was just uhm… admiring your tattoos.” He smiled at you briefly as you cocked your head at him.

“My tattoos?”

Sam nodded. “I uhm… I was wondering how many you had. Do you have any others aside from the ones on your arms?”

You grinned in response, it had been a long time since anyone had asked on your tattoos, and you happily began to show Sam all the ones you had. He watched intently as you revealed each inked section of your skin, his eyes dilating as you caught him licking his lips.

“Do you mind if I… touched them? The ones on your arms, that is…” Sam asked quietly, his voice sounding a little awkward but you were beginning to sense a hit of lust behind the words.

Your heart beat began to quicken at the question, a seductive smile lining your lips as you nodded in response.

Sam’s long fingers slowly reached out to touch your skin, and he began slowly tracing the intricate patterns and designs on your arms. His fingertips ghosted across the tattoos, the feather light touches causing goosebumps to rise on your skin and a shiver to run up your spine. Slowly his touches became more firm however, his hands running over your arms and his face inching closer and closer to your own.

You held your seductive grin as Sam’s eyes finally left your body and met your gaze, the two of your faces only centimetres apart. Within moments the gap closed and your lips met his, the kiss sweet and soft like his touches had been. And in the same way, the kiss quickly grew firmer and more heated, neither of you able to withhold your lust any longer as your lips and tongues melded.

Sam’s hands continued to roam your body, the hunter seemingly unable to fight his urges to touch and caress every tattoo on your body, his palms warm and soothing to the touch even as they became more frantic and eager.

Before you knew it, you’d both moved to the bed and your clothes were quickly being scattered onto the floor, Sam’s lips leaving yours and instead tracing down your neck. He placed light kisses and nips along your shoulders and collar, enticing sweet moans from you which you just couldn’t fight. His hands and lips worked together to find, trace and touch all the tattoos you had. You could feel the hot sighs of pleasure leaving the Winchester’s mouth as he was finally able to enjoy your body, and the designs inked on your skin, to his heart’s content. Your body burned with joy and pleasure at every touch, your hands roaming his back and running through his hair, the two of you becoming one in a hot mess of heated bliss and pleasure.

When your intimate exertions finally came to an end, the two of you remained wrapped in each other’s embrace. The decision as to who should sleep on the couch no longer an issue as you both slept soundly together for what was left of the night.