so whenever i saw this pic i was always like ‘jensen is so smug with jared’s arm around him’ 

but when i see the full pic

i always realize why jensen was so smug

jensen is smug that jared is his lmao.

remember how much of a jealous baby he was when in season 1 when jared and taylor cole (the actress) kept fucking around during takes

jensen won and he knows it ^-^

Married Bamon’s Daily Routine

Breakfast habits :

  • He makes pancakes.
  • She makes coffee.
  • He dances while cooking.
  • He teases her with his pancakes creations.
  • They share the newspaper.
  • He reads the journal.
  • She solves the crossword puzzle.

Grocery shopping together :

  • They make a grocery list together.
  • They fight over who pushes the shopping cart.
  • They call out what they need.
  • They try matching aviator glasses.

Hanging out together at home :

  • They talk for hours.
  • They play board games (Tetris).
  • They watch Movies (The Bodyguard).
  • They make Home videos.
  • They solve crossword puzzles.
  • They listen to ‘90s music.
  • They sit on the porch.

Cute things :

  • He always sits next to her.
  • They argue over silly things.
  • He brings coffee to her at school.
  • He opens the car’s door for her.
  • He gets jealous of any guy who’s into her.
  • They flirt over the phone.

They save the world (again)

  • They work as a team.
  • They come up with plans together.
  • They worry about each other.
  • They protect each other. 

Intimacy :

  • They hold hands.
  • They look into each other’s eyes for too long.
  • They smile at each other.
  • They hug.

Diner habits :

  • She makes soup for them.
  • He chooses to eat the meal she cooked over the blood bag next to him.

But guys for real, let’s not comment tronnor related things on his photo and respect the fact that he is becoming more and more comfortable with opening up to us, we don’t want to push him away, now do we?