Sherlock S3 to hit DVD and Blu Ray from January 27 2014

Sherlock Series Three will arrive on home video from January 27 2014 in the UK, and in the USA on February 11 2014.

As we’ve previously posted, the series is already available for pre-order from both sites - you can find links to purchase from Amazon below.

The final artwork remains TBC, and extra features have yet to be revealed.

Sherlock Series 3 [DVD] - UK Region 2

Sherlock Series 3 [Blu Ray] - UK

Amazon UK International ordering information

Sherlock Series 3 [DVD] - USA Region 1
Sherlock Series 3 [Blu Ray] - USA

In addition, we can reveal a BBC Shop exclusive complete boxset, containing all three series on DVD or Blu Ray, and a number of exclusive premium collectibles contained in deluxe packaging.

Limited to a run of only 3,000 individually numbered copies, the limited boxset is a must-have product for those who love the show. The beautiful collector’s edition box is inspired by the hit drama, and features secret compartments that hide Sherlock series 1, 2 and 3. Also concealed within the box is a copy of an episode script from the first series written by showrunner Steven Moffat, a special letter to fans from a popular returning character and a stylish black soft touch A6 size notebook to keep notes and observations on the new series. Fans can also enjoy behind the scenes footage from the upcoming third series.

The boxset is available exclusively from BBC Shop on the following links.

Sherlock Series 1-3: Limited Edition Collectors Box Set (DVD) - £62.99

Sherlock Series 1-3: Limited Edition Collectors Box Set (Blu Ray) - £64.99


With the invention of the Laser, a different kind of light was created. The result was a retail industry forever changed by handheld scanners that could read barcodes, the music and movie industry disrupted by the innovation of CDs and DVDs, construction was revolutionized with laser cutting, printing and welding, and global communications was transformed with pulses of light through fiber optics.

Hear more about HOW WE GOT TO NOW and our relationship with light, right now on PBS.

Cheek To Cheek LIVE!" on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital download on January 20th, 2015!

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga are releasing their critically-acclaimed concert special “Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: Cheek To Cheek LIVE!” on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital download on January 20th, 2015! Enjoy the 72 minute concert special full of performances from their Grammy-nominated, #1 album “Cheek To Cheek”.


Daron Hagen on Bernstein’s MASS

One of my friends is a Street Singer in the Philadelphia Orchestra production of this next month. I can’t make it there to see him, but I have half of the 1981 PBS production on DVD (the DVD doesn’t completely work), and the fond memories of seeing Minnesota Orchestra do it in early 2009 with my dad, during a tumultuous period of my life. The MinnOrch production was semi-staged; more staged than the Jubilee recording from the Vatican (with the incredible Yvonne Redman as a soloist); less staged than the original production, this 1981 video, and about the same as this BBC Proms video.

I’m on a MASS kick right now, so I imagine there will be more forthcoming.

New In The Discography :

New Post has been published on http://www.eurythmics-ultimate.com/4459-annie-lennox-nostalgia-live-in-convert-usa-pbs-dvd-promo/

4459 - Annie Lennox - Nostalgia Live In Convert - USA - PBS DVD Promo

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Release Details


  1. Memphis in June
  2. Georgia on My Mind
  3. I Put a Spell on You
  4. Summertime
  5. I Cover the Waterfront
  6. Strange Fruit
  7. God Bless the Child
  8. September in the Rain
  9. The Nearness of You
  10. Mood Indigo
  11. Here Comes the Rain Again
  12. Why
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