I want a plot where two people have a one night stand. I don’t want them to wake up and just magically be in love. I want there be awkwardness and maybe some time avoiding each other. I want them to slowly become friends and get jealous when they go on dates. I want them to deny their feelings and slowly fall in love. Someone give me this seriously just like this and I’ll message you.

small list of simple plot bunnies to get plotting started with someone, like or message me i guess?

  • something fast and furious inspired, literally anything
  • f/f cheerleading plot!!! bc bring it on. or m/f, bc bring it on!!!!!!
  • rich kid stepsiblings who are assholes
  • mumu surrounding a family and their lives, think parenthood or the fosters
  • detective, serial killers, hackers, think eye candy
  • some kind of high school club mumu
  • cliche teen slasher movie aftermath with the survivors moving on

Not sure if anyone else noticed this but:
Pink babes of royalty proudly wearing the black band shirts they got from their musically inclined significant others. Both keep said special band shirts in special places.

Ya dig this parallel too?

(Also YES to all those tags I read, I know that Rebecca Sugar work(ed/s) on both shows)

Because of many requests and messages, I decided to publish the recipe for the vegan banana waffles today. 
The recipe is: vegan, high carb low fat, without any added sugar or oils, only consisting of whole foods coming out of nature

Recipe: for 3 waffles
• 2 dates (fresh, pitted)
• 1-2 teaspoons chia seeds
• 2 ripe bananas (with brown spots, so they are sweet and ripe)
• 1 cup whole wheat flour (round about)
• 1 cup oats (round about)
• 1 teaspoon baking powder
• some vanilla drops or real vanilla
• some water, so everything mixes together smoothly

- put the ripe bananas in a bowl and mash them with a fork
- mix the banana with the other ingredients in a blender or food processor (I used my high speed blender)
- add as much water as you like, so the texture of the waffle dough gets smooth, but not too liquid
- open your heated waffle iron and put some coconut oil or some other liquid on the iron - you don’t want to risk some burning - waffle - drama :)
- bake the waffles for some minutes till they are golden - brown, smelling like heaven
- top those beauties with everything you like, I used fresh mango + raspberry jam + peanut butter + granola + Canadian maple syrup
- Enjoy!! :) 

Hope you all try it out, would make me really happy to get some feedback!! Feel free to message me/submit pictures!! :) 
xx Amber :)