Euskara is fun!!: Basque religion in Basque words

In nowadays Euskara there are still traces of the very ancient Basque beliefs. For example, when talking about the weather, no impersonal sentences are used because “somebody” is in charge of the weather. Let’s see:

Euria ari da — It’s raining (impersonal) —> WRONG
Euria ari du — Someone is making rain —> CORRECT
Atertu egin da — It cleared up (impersonal) —> WRONG
Atertu egin du — Someone cleared it up —> CORRECT

Besides, there are some elements that work as if they were people and not things. Some examples:
Loak hartu nau — I fell asleep (literally: Sleep caught me).
Hotzak dago — (S)He’s cold (literally: (S)He is in the cold).
Mikel ibaiak hil zuen — Mikel died in the river (literally: The river killed Mikel).

One god in particular has survived and he’s still present in some words: the god of heaven and thunder, Urtzi or Oste.
Ostadar = Osteren adarra (Oste’s branch / horn) = Rainbow
Oskarbi = Oste garbia (Clean Oste) = Blue sky
Oskorri = Oste gorria (Red Oste) =  Dawn
Ostarte = Osteren arte (Between Oste) = Bright spell
Ostertz = Osteren ertz (Oste’s edge) = Horizon
Ostegun = Osteren eguna (Oste’s day) = Thursday
Ostots = Osteren ahots (Oste’s voice) = Thunder