And this is one of those videos we don’t know we’re supposed to laugh or cry with.

This is part of a very famous tv show in Spain: famous pleople are told to play Chinese Whispers but in languages they can’t speak. They did it in German a while ago, and now, in Euskara. You know how the game goes: the first man of the line is supposedly Basque and says a sentence in Euskara that the last one, also supposedly Basque, must guess after it being repeated by the other non-Basque people.

First off, the ignorance level is incredible: they constantly call the tall guy CHabi when it’s pronounced SHabi. They can say Dostoyevsky but can’t pronounce the name Xabi correctly.

Also, the first man states he comes from Etxarri Aranatz and they say: “egun on!” (good morning). It’s clearly a nonsense, but even a bigger one if we tell you this tv show is live and starts at 21:45h. The man nodding and repeating “egun on” makes us think he can’t actually speak Euskara. That, and the fact that he (wrongly) corrects himself when translating “udaberria” (spring) as “the first one”. We guess it was in fact a script mistake, but he didn’t correct it.

The second Basque man, supposedly from Ermua, translates “hauxe” (”this right  here”) as “walk” and “go away”. EGA level for sure.

So they’re playing Chinese Whispers in Euskara and none can speak it. Laughing at their ignorance about a region they say that belongs to their own country is a thing now.

anonymous asked:

Have you read LOTR in Basque? I wonder how they translated the characters and places' names~ I first read it in Catalan and did like it quite enough! Eskerrik asko for this amazing blog!! ;>

Thank you for your message! Well, we read it a while ago and can’t remember all the names, but we’re quite sure about some of them:

- One Ring –> Eraztun Bakarra
- Frodo Baggins –> Frodo Zorrozabal
- Gandalf the Grey / the White –> Gandalf Grisa / Zuria
- Rangers of the North –> Iparraldeko Mendirakoiak
- Middle Earth –> Erdialdeko Lurraldea
- Mirkwood –> Oihan Beltza
- The Prancing Pony –> Pottoka Zutitua

As usual, help to update this list is always welcome! ^_^

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When you post photos of Basque Country, are they always photos of the Spanish region or the French region or both? I don't see if you specify in the tags, I'm sorry to be a bother

You’re not a bother at all ^_^.

We tag our posts Euskadi (Spain) / Nafarroa (Spain) / Iparralde (France). We don’t specify nothing else because, for us personally, Euskal Herria is just Euskal Herria. We don’t care if maps say one part is in France and the other one in Spain.