So I need help.

I just sat in my house for like 30 minutes, listening to my brother yelling and my crying. I don’t care about my brother yelling but my mom crying hurts my soul. We’re struggling alot to pay bills. Our landlord who is my step uncle is a piece of shit. He has the rent high and we have a mountain of bills and not only that he almost evicted us once.

Me and my brother are the only ones working (he just started working, I was the only one working at one point). She can’t work because my sister 

Has some weird blood disorder (I don’t know whats it called) that caused her to puke blood, shit blood, bruising easily (no its no hemophilia) and a bunch of other shit. And she went to the hospital and gotten chemotherapy and went through a whole bunch of shit (doctors making her puke to rebuild her cells and other crap they talked about)

And my mom had to quit her job and stay at my sisters side while she went through all of that stuff. 

My sister also had to get some bone marrow transplant that my brother was the doner for her to get the transplant (i couldn’t be the donor cause I couldn’t miss my classes).

I’ve been avoiding posting about this stuff on here because I don’t want anyone to call me fake or not genuine about it. My mom (not me) needs help. We need help to pay our bills and I’m sick of seeing my mom crying every morning, stressing about bills. Even though my sister is getting better enough to go to school, my mom still can’t work because she has to take care of her. 

But I’m asking for anyone to donate, spread the word. Like anything you donate honestly counts. I can make portraits of you all if you want. I just want to see my mom happy and not see her cry anymore.

If you can my paypal email is:

I hate asking for money, but I need help..

I have a bearded dragon, named Zeppelin, as some of you may know. He’s outgrown his tank, and needs a new one.

Plus, today, I rescued another bearded dragon. She’s been living in poor conditions for 5 years, and desperately needs help. I need a light fixture for her, UVB, heat lamp, some supplements, and tank decorations.

I totalled up the cost, and I need about 230 bucks.

Unfortunately, I am unemployed. I lost my job a few months ago, and wasn’t expecting to be put into a situation like this.

My parents have agreed to help out with the food, but as for coughing up 230 bucks - I don’t think they can.

Again, I HATE asking for money. But I’m desperate. Even if you could donate a dollar, it would mean the world to me.

I will find some way to pay you back - I swear it.

I write! Maybe I could write some fanfiction in return??

I don’t know guys. But I HAVE to help this poor little girl, she’s doing to die without me.

Plus, I can’t forget about the pet I already own. He’s my baby.

I’m ashamed that I can’t afford to do this on my own..

Here’s my PayPal email, if you feel like helping, but in NO WAY do I expect you to donate. I will find a way to make this happen, I always do. But a little help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Katie, for donating!

I swear to god PayPal is so fucking needy and nosy. Every time I log into my account an error comes up saying that I need to give them more information to ensure that my account is “”“"secure”“”. I give them EVERYTHING! My address, phone number, debit card number, bank account info, EVEN MY SSN and now they want proof of where I live??? Proof of my id??? PROOF OF MY SSN???????????

Like fuck… what the fuck do I have to do to “secure” my account once and for all? Give you a sample of my fucking blood?? Sacrifice my firstborn child??? WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?????

So next week I need to get my estrogen refilled, my rent is due, and I’m going to be out of food  soon. It’s $70 for the ‘script, and I already owe money to my mom and I’m also having a hard time eating and getting to work because of money issues. I’ve already sold everything I can do without. In the long term, I’m going to be moving back in with my mom in July, but for now I need some help getting by. If you can help me by donating, or by signal boosting I’d really appreciate it. My paypal is, and I have a donation link <here>

A couple things you should read about Paypal

The Quick Summary
•The $2500 fee is not actually new, and has been in effect for years
•You will probably never have to worry about this fee, unless you are dodging seller fees
•Adult artworks (aka porn drawings) are okay to sell on Paypal
•Be discrete with your transactions for maximum safety; don’t link to your galleries

Please help me out here (donation wise)!!

I am a young student taking multiple college classes in high school (Ap). I had to pay to get certain textbooks for certain classes (e.x. chemistry, calculus) and I have been able to pay all of them (since I had a babysitting job in the beginning of the year) EXCEPT for my socials class! Both of my parents are unemployed and we have been going through very very difficult times. After my dad got his job promotion, he got fired a few weeks later (the reason is too private to share here..but i will just say his old manager got replaced…). My mom has always been a home mom and can never get a job (because of her lack of education). The same is with my dad, they are both smart but have made bad mistakes in the past (they only tell me that) and that is what prevents most of their prosperity. They tell me to do good in school and I do, I make sure to get all As in my class because I want to make my parents proud and become a surgeon one day and buy everything I believe they deserve. They pay for as much as possible (I make sure I show I appreciate it), such as the supplies and a few textbooks, for me when they can. Recently, I had not paid one textbook fully in the beginning of the year and now I must pay $100 for it (originally 150). I have reduced lunch but because it is the end of my year and I go to a wealthy school (my parents drive me there from the ghetto) they will not reduce this textbook price for me, especially since it is new to the curriculum!! I know 100 does not seem like a lot, but I have no job and I was only able to pay the other textbooks by babysitting (I already quit midsemester because I thought I was done paying all of my textbooks)! I will not be able to take my exam until I pay and it’s the beginning of next week! I have NOT told my parents because at the moment they are dealing with rent and old car issues, including expenses from my elderly grandpa’s surgery from years back. To make it worse, I am stressing out now because of all my ap exams coming up and I originally called up the old people I babysat but they said after I quit, they found another teen closer to them and apologized (these was a few days before). And I have tried calling my friends up and asking for a temporary loan but they all refuse and I only have a few (of course..i was just desperate enough to ask).

I am asking tumblr now because I am very desperate! My Teacher is asking for it TOMORROW and I do not have any money and I KNOW my parents will be wasting a lot of their money this week for paying for that. I’ve seen some amazing people on tumblr and I am hoping one of you amazing talented and gifted people can help me out. I have tried other social media (instagram, twitter,indiegogo) but since I am new to almost all (except tumblr) nobody sees it and I have tried asking some biggish accounts for help but they all ignore me…this is basically my last chance. I hate doing this and sounding so dumb but I wouldn’t be doing this just because I want to. I hank anyone who at least reads to here!

I am asking for $100 through PayPal ( If you donate, you can tell me and one day, when I get a stable job, I will write you a letter regarding my thanks and attach the money you helped me with. I appreciate any kind of donation (even a dollar). I thank everyone again, please all have wonderful days.

Sorry it is so long!


HELLO this is my official commissions post!! >: )) I am almost 18 and i need money. tyvm for looking at this post!! reblogging is SUPER appreciated.


Chibi’s (colored and full bodied) are 7$ and Couples are 12$ (I do not do more than 2 characters on a drawing)

Headshots are 9$-25$
9$ getting you a sketch and 25$(Or more if ur generous ;-) ) will get you the full lineart+color.

Thigh-up’s are 12$-35$ and couples are 17$-45$.
Thigh up’s are a bit diff than the other ones because depending on how much detail your character has i might lower or rise the price.

Again I only do Single characters or Couples no more than that.

I’ll do basically anything, nsfw, gorey drawings, furries, andriods, mosnter!girls/boys.

Please do not be pushy with your commission as I’m probably doing others besides yours or I need breaks from drawing. Unless you specify a date when the drawing is needed by (Please give me atleast a week!!)

Do not pay me up front, I will finish your commission and show you a watermarked version (like a preview) of your drawing and then expect pay. Then I’ll send you the finished drawing. nice nice ook.

Do not give me poses, Sorry, but i work better if you let me do the pose myself? I always end up messing these up and procrastinate the longest on these.

Giving me a mood helps with the drawing!! tyyy

I only do paypal and US $$dollars, I think paypal has a converter for other types of money tho. 

message me on tumblr (no fanmail.) or email me at: (this is also my paypal email!!)

give me info,refs of ur charas, and ur paypal if ur interested. ty!!!

yellow-shrek asked:

any ways or suggestions to make easy money online?

Hi I recently tried Opinion Outpost and I’ve made $50 in a week! It’s a free and safe site where you will be rewarded for sharing your opinions through answering polls!

Rewards Offered:

  1. Amazon/iTunes and other Gift Cards
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The $5 minimum and instant cash out are nice features! If you’re interested you can sign up here. Just be sure to check your email for a confirmation so you can start earning! (If you don’t sign up and participate, you won’t be eligible to win $10,000 in their quarterly prize draw.)

*Opinion Outpost works for USA, UK, CANADA only!

Hot shopping tip of the day: If you want to use Amazon but your only spending money is Paypal balance money (Amazon does not take Paypal), this website/mobile app called Gyft lets you buy Amazon gift cards with your Paypal balance that you can use on Amazon. I just did this and it worked out fine. You can even log into it with your Facebook or Google+ account.

Hey guys, it's gluten-free-pussy here:

So it gives me no pride to have to have to reach out to you guys and ask for money but this is for a kickstarter for a webseries!!!

Okay so the premise of the series is about a young black woman named Jennifer Holloway who’s just graduated from university with a major in theatre. As a fresh graduate, she’s looking for acting roles but finds that the real world isn’t looking for any black leading ladies. Jennifer finds herself constantly playing the “urban side kick” or is simply turned away from roles altogether. As a result of this, she’s forced to become homeless; working odd jobs here and there. Her dream of being Hollywood’s “It Girl” slowly turns into a nightmare.

Basically the show will be a dark comedy exposing racism in Hollywood, racial stereotypes, homelessness, and many other issues. The series will be called “Holloway” and if I raise about $500 I can successfully shoot the first season by this coming winter of 2015!!

Any amount will do, give as much as you possibly can. I know that money is tight for a lot of you guys right now but please, anything you can spare will help get my dream off the ground. Help put more content with POC as main characters. Help change the narrative of the entertainment industry ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿


Paypal Invoicing: Seller Beware

There’s been a lot of posts going around lately about Paypal and their policy on fees, and I’ve seen a lot of people suggesting you move to invoices. What you might not realise unless you have a closer look at these payments once you receive them, is that Paypal is expecting you to ship an item. This remains the same regardless of whether you use the default form, the ‘services’ form and charge by the hour, and whether you put 0.00 in the postage section.

After a call to customer service this morning, I have confirmed there is actually no option on invoices for a seller to indicate that postage is not required if you are invoicing from the main paypal website (ie. you don’t do paypal checkout through your website, there may be a work around if you have a purchase button on your website, which isn’t entirely practical for commissions as prices can often vary and most do payments through the site directly). This means that if you don’t provide shipping / tracking information on that payment, Paypal may freeze the funds and/or your account.

Apparently the way to avoid this is to include in the notes section of the invoice that the invoice is for goods and services, and that no shipping is required. 

They also said that the buyer should indicate in the notes when they pay that they have received the goods/service, however this is going to cause issues with commissions as most are either paid upfront or partway through. 

If anyone has any further solution to this, reblog and or message me, but otherwise this has been a PSA about Paypal invoicing. Seller beware. 

Hey guys. This is really low of me, but things are really rough at home and I’m in need of money. I dont have enough time now until when i move to Florida to get a stable job. I need money for a car and an apartment. I also wont be able to see my boyfriend Andrew for god knows how long and my dad wont let me go see him in two weeks unless i have the money to take a bus. I’m literally broke. My parents refuse to support me anymore and my abusive mother basically kicked me out of her house. They wont even accept my sexuality and gender. I just need enough money to help me to see Andrew and to get me started on saving up for the apartment so i can get out of this stupid house. If you can help please please let me know. My paypal email is and my gofundme can be found here
Im basically desperate to get away from my parents and to go live with my boyfriend. Its much better for my mental health as well. Any bit of money is appreciated. Thank you to anyone who is willing to spread this and to help out.

I don’t want to spam you all, but I had found this app for your phone as which you simply follow the required instructions as most of them require you to simply download their app and start it up. They reward you for coins which you can redeem for gift cards! The picture is what I have made so far! and I’ve only been using this for just at least a week! :)

If you are interested, please use my referral code as we both can earn points! :)

The code 6cc93ba

Opening some strictly sketch only commissions as I forgot my tablet pen back at home. I don’t want to spend another night just sitting around and I could really do with some extra pocket change right now. REALLY badly.

Please spread this around and help me out if you can. I can promise super cool stylistic character sketches. Here’s some of my personal favorite work from my art tag to give you more of an idea of what my style is like.

I can do fanart, oc’s, all moderately sfw but I’m willing to draw mild nudity. Asses and nipples are fine.

Thank you

bring stormchat and bpdcosima​ together! 

OK! so me and my girlfriend have a window of time we can spend together, and because she is unemployed and i work a minimum wage job and an abusive home that constantly takes my income from me, it’s really unlikely that we could come up with the money ourselves. We really love one another and it is really important to us to have physical presence in each other’s lives.

If you could help us by donating a little bit of money to my paypal for this trip, it would mean the world! If you donate over $25 you can request a drawing, song, recipe, spell, or pictures of our cats. our cats are really cool. the total we are trying to get to is at least $300. preferably more if we can. 

my paypal is

please, this is literally what keeps us happy many nights, and even if you can reblog it would mean the world. 


Their policy changes are not fishy, they are giving you a good month and a half advanced warning for their changes. Their changes are going into place because too many idiots and cheapskates are using the “gift” option instead of using the service properly.

If you send your commission payments as “for goods and services” you will not get in trouble.

If you abide by their AUP, then you will not get in trouble.

You will get in trouble if you deliberately skirt around the fees. And rightly so. They only take a very small fee to keep their services running. Without the fees, there would be no paypal.

Stop whining about it. Just use the site correctly and you will be fine.

Hey guys! Check out my donate button!!

Ok so as some of you may know i am in severe debt with my mother, i had to loan money from her in order to buy my computer near the beginning of the year when my old one died before i could earn the last quarter of the money i needed myself. Ive already ‘ruined’ my credibility when i did not pay back a whopping 600$ USD back to  her within the same month. She will not allow me to have a job and i cannot drive regardless, to which i am working on. She instead has me doing manual labor around the house and yard– and some of you also may know i have health issues that worsen with physical labor, particularly a bad right knee. (I had snapped the tendons holding my kneecap in place like an old rubber band as well as torn others– getting out of the shower when i was…. 15, and both knees shift still rather easily, even the one that i had surgery to get the tendons replaced on.)

I also suffer from severe depression, anxiety, suicidal tenancies etc etc the whole shebang and am autistic, adhd as well as a sensory disorder thats gotten worse over the last few years– i know im a total mess–

basically all of this, along with the stress of being in debt as a young adult rather needlessly + the stress of school (school may be out but im still doing work. YAY!!!!!!!) has kind of snowballed into a major blow against my mental and… admittedly physical well-being. 

I live with my aunt and uncle to get away from my mother who is no shy of the word abusive. However because of this snowball and my current decline in health it has gotten to the point where i am going to be sent back to live with my mother because i am no longer doing as well as i was when i first started living there in the beginning and they have decided they can no longer help– they do not seem to grasp that i cannot stay on a constant road to better, that its hills, steep ones at that and i am currently stuck at my mothers house, unable to return until i write up a documented deal as to what im going to do and how im going to get better and be more productive before i can go back. ( I am here pet sitting, my mother is currently in Colorado for the death of a friend of the families’ husband)

Still, i rather live with their strict regulations and this contract than be stuck with my biological parent, if that can put things in perspective.

Even just a little will help! And i will soon be opening traditional commissions, so theres that to spread around too!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and thank you for reading and hopefully considering!