Hello everyone, 

My husband is in the Army and we are being stationed in Japan in a few months and i need to bring this little princess, Callisto, with me. I have two other animals and my wonderful mom is going to be taking them in during my 3 year stay in Japan, but everyone refuses to take Callisto in. She is.. well she is too much for other people to handle her for so long. 

Taking an animal overseas is really rough on the family and it is all paid out of pocket, the military doesn’t cover the costs to take the family pet. The total cost to get her to Japan is $4,000. After going through many different kinds of testing and shots, she has to be put into quarantine for 180 days (6 months) before getting on a 24 hour plane ride. I need to pay for all the shots, testing, her getting into quarantine, her daily living expenses while in quarantine, pay to visit her in quarantine, and the transportation from the states to Japan. All of this stuff adds up really quick.

So if you are able to, donate what you can to get Callisto to Japan. Any amount you are able to do will bring us that much closer to getting her home with us. 

How to Donate:

Paypal: Enter this email address - ikittymow@hotmail.com - with the amount you wish to donate or go to my blog and there is a donate button on the top!

Thank you for all of your help!


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Help Me Get Through the Year

I never thought I’d end up in this situation.

Basically, my home life has never been stable. My (step) father is emotionally abusive, causing my diagnosed anxiety to go through the roof. He’s punched a hole in my bedroom door, threatened me while he was drunk, called me a c*nt, a b*tch, and a whole slew of other misogynistic slurs. When those women were shot in California, he said they “probably deserved it,” and this is all just things I can recall off the top of my head.

Anyways, yesterday I backed into his truck by accident. Apparently the cost of repairs will be $1500.00. I have one $1000.00 scholarship that I’m using to pay for as much of it as I can. I will then be living from paycheck to paycheck. I work a minimum wage job that is cutting hours due to summer drawing to an end and business slowing down. I make around $120.00 a week, and I still have to pay a car loan, car insurance, gas, and I still have to pay somehow for books for college and for meals while I’m at school.

It gets even trickier here. I also have to pay for medication for my anxiety. Because living at home makes my anxiety so much worse- I’ve considered suicide to escape the extreme panic attacks I get- I really need to move out to create a safer, more stable environment for myself. My step dad doesn’t love me. I’ve known that for years. He and my mother will not help me move out, as she does what he wants her to. I really, really need help.

In order to get through the school year alone, with the bills I have to pay and supplies I have to buy, I will need about $1000.00. If I want to move out at the end of the year, I will need a total of about $2000.00. I’ve made a paypal account. There’s a donation button in the sidebar of my blog. All I’m asking is that I am able to get to school, do well, and have the books and other supplies I need to succeed. I’m asking to be able to pay my bills. I’m asking to be able to leave an abusive household. Please help me out if you can. You can do this by donating to my paypal or simply by reblogging this post to spread the word. Please.

Have a great day.

Hey guys.
I want to talk you about something. I want to move to another country because here where I live doesn’t give me what I need for work and scared to something bad happen to me because the insecurity.
My major priority has been this “moving away project” since I started working but I’m going super slow and I need to get this shit faster for the reasons I just told you and for family reason that I can’t stand anymore, the fighting is present in my house everyday and I can’t hold it anymore, I need a better place for myself if I really care about my metal being.

Every commission will help me to get to the goal faster
Here is the info: 




There’s my patreon that you should check too.

Please, help me share this at least with a reblog or posting in other pages.

If you could please give me a few moments of your time.

I really had to think this through because it was something really really important. So important that it meant if I would have a home or not.

So about two weeks ago me and my uncle had an argument and it didn’t turn out so well. He told me if by next month I didn’t have $300 dollars for the bills of the house, I should look for another place to live. For about two months now I have been unemployed, the reason being because the move was too far away from my job and other racial personal reasons. Ever since we moved to the new house I have tried my best to look for another job but with a small town, population seriously 2,000+, it’s very very very hard. Now even more with my car being in the shop and who knows when it will be fixed. On top of that I have to pay for my college debt which is $110 every month until I pay it off. I barely can scrape up the money to pay for my college debt and now with my uncle asking a really hard task of me, I have no idea what to do. I am stressed beyond explanation.

The last thing I ever wanted to do was be in this position and ask kindly for possible donations. I hate that so much. I don’t like taking money from others. I’m usually always the one giving, not taking. But I have run out of options and I have to have the money the day after my birthday (Sept. 29).

All I need is to raise $300 for this coming up month, enough time for me to keep searching for a job.

If you are ok with donating I would deeply appreciate it if you could donate to my PayPal (since it’s the only thing I have for receiving money) my email for it is jZ152015@gmail.com

If you do not wish do simply just donate, I also do commissions! If you are interested and would like to help out you can check

[here] for commission info

[here] [here] and [here] to look at more art I have drawn/ stuff I created!

Anything is appreciated and if you cant donate or commission me a signal boost would be the best and most amazing thing you could do for me right now!

Thank you so so so so so much for taking the time to read my post. I am crossing my fingers that at least for once, something good in my life can come.


I NEED MONEY LIKE SUPER BAD. The job hunt goes on, but until then, I need some money on the side to pay for utilities and junk. So, while balancing two freelance animation jobs, I’m doing sketch commissions for a measly $10 each!

I will draw most ANYTHING so I’m excited to see what you can think of! Payments through Paypal only, so message me whatcha ya want and we can discuss from there.

Even if you’re not interested in a commish, share this around if you’d like! It would totally help me out. Thanks guys!

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Samira Wiley’s Paypal commercial (x)

Donations Please


My name is Cecil. I’m a 17 year old agender person and will be starting my college application process soon. I come from a lower middle class family and I know that we are very tight on money. Because of this I decided to open up a paypal account so that I can ask for donations to help cover some of the costs of applications, transcript requests and other fees that may come up. I also have some personal expenses that may come up in the next few months, so I will be needing money to cover these as well. I realise that I’m not the most needy person on this website, nor the most popular, so I’m not expecting hundreds of dollars to flood in, however, every dollar is much appreciated and needed.

The link to donate is here as well as on my blog. 

Thank you very much in advance,


My names Matthew and I’m currently in a situation. My family has been in a struggle all my life and constantly dragged me down to the point of losing a lot of my ambitions and funds. I’m currently trying to remove myself from this situation to give myself a solid footing on the ground. To move on with my life and give myself ambition. Be able to start school and live my life. away from the depressive and abusive life my family has provided for me. Currently my only option is to move across the country to stay with a friend. I will have no job and my funds are low. I will need to fund the trip and be able to afford rent. IF ANYONE can help by simply doing anything you can, by signal boosting this, or directly helping me by donating to my paypal I would greatly appreciate it. I don’t normally like to be selfish but I am in a huge time of need with very little options and am desperate for help. Please help any way you can.

Paypal Email : matthew-alvarez@live.com

Hey Yall! I need your help! (EDIT)

Here’s the sitch: 

I’m in a tight spot with monies, and I’m trying to at least make it to my first T consultation at the end of this month. 

For those of you who don’t know, a T consult is a meeting in which you meet with a doctor or nurse practitioner or someone in that field, and they take your blood, analyze it, tell you the possible effects of taking the Testosterone hormone and such. 

The cost of the consult is $100, which I do have.

What I don’t have, is a good bit of gas money to get from my house in Charleston, to the Trans Health Initiative in Atlanta, and back (my mother expects me to pay for gas, food for her while on the road, and whatever else she wants)

Round trip, it’s 11 hours on the road. I need your help, y’all. Please.

I finally got a mouse that I can use for my computer so I can do the designs that have been requested and even more than that. 

Here’s how you can help:

I have two stores; Spreadshirt and Zazzle «—- Click the things!

If you could at least boost this or purchase something from either store, that would be wonderful. 

On my page, there is a paypal donation button. 

Anyone who donates $5 and tells me that they donated will get a custom circular gallifreyan design of their choice, in whatever colours they like. 

If for some reason the donation button isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do, let me know and I will fix it. 

Thank you so much to everyone!


Hi Tumblr, I hate to ask but I really need some help.  I was in a really bad car accident this morning (9/5/2014) and my car is completely totaled. I pulled out on a busy road and didn’t see the other person coming since the sun was in my eyes and it was a blind spot. I don’t have full insurance coverage, so I’m not getting any money for my car. My insurance is just going to pay for the other person’s car and the tow truck fee. My mom can’t afford to get me another car. She really can’t. She’s a single parent and she’s a teacher so she doesn’t even have that much money coming in, and she still has to pay off this totaled car.

I’m supposed to be starting work soon, and my work is 30 minutes away. Not having a car is basically going to cripple my life, so I’m asking for donations to my PayPal account. I’m not sure how PayPal works, but I’m pretty sure just an email is needed to donate money, so my donation email is sleepykitty4@gmail.com

Even a small donation would help honestly, but if you can’t donate then I’m just asking for a signal boost. Thank you all so much in advance, and if you donate please please let me know so that I can thank you personally and send you like a thank you card or something.


I just bought a new computer, I’m getting a car and I need to start paying for shitt with money that’s not financial aidddd

I’m making a new commission sheet 
With like
Updated stuff

Okay so let’s see here

I can do some headshot type dealios for $8.00
(I’ll add shoulders if you want)


Half body for $14.00
Extra Characters add $6.00


And then there’s full body for $22.00
Extra characters add $8.00

(don’t worry I’ll draw the feet)


Okay so that’s about it for now. I may add things later on but we’ll see.

  • Paypal only
  • I’ll draw anything/anyone
  • I prefer picture references to written ones, but if that’s all you have I will try my best
  • Please pay after all the details have been discussed and before you have the finished commission

Send me a message if you’re interested! c:

Kaczynski’s methods were crazy, but his loss of faith in the technological frontier is all around us. Consider the trivial but revealing hallmarks of urban hipsterdom: faux vintage photography, the handlebar mustache, and vinyl record players all harken back to an earlier time when people were still optimistic about the future.
Help us out!

I was going post everything of what is going on but I figured I should make a video of it or at least a recording, it would be easier for your to understand (at least as far as my english goes lol)

To put it simply of what is going, the organization Sakurabana and it’s club (counting in many activities that is happening there, as well as Mugen manga school which I attend to) is in big trouble. 

They are the organizers of biggest Japanese pop culture convention on Balkans, Japanizam, as well as many mini events relating to same subject (Chibicon, Death Note or Berserk Day etc.), not to mention events with friendly games and gaming (video game tournaments, Fantasy Role Play days, card game tournaments etc.).

Japanese embassy and few others who support us still has their doors open to help but this is something beyond their power…

Current issue is manly spacing. I haven’t talked about it here, but we moved couple of times for a past year and it seems like both cases will end on a bad note. The renting we pay for the space located in the center of the city (which is a necessity so everyone has a decent approach to the club, despite the higher prices on rent) is BEYOND EXPENSIVE, not to mention that neighbors keep blaming us for issues the old building has and pretty much has nothing to do with us, we are just easiest to blame because of “kids” and for being newbies there.

We’ve come to the point where paying for high rents and constantly being kicked out or yelled at by owners is no longer tolerable.

Luckily, the founders of the club (where I’m a member who helps as much as one can) are rather focused on solving the problem rather than confronting people who wouldn’t even care as long as they get loads of money from us.

Our current goal is to collect enough money to buy our own space (apartment or a montage house or anything that is more available to us). One would think that’s not a hard task but as much as support we get with Japanese embassy, according to law, they can’t help us found a space where Sakurabana can be, only things relating to culture even if our club represents just that. NO ONE ELSE founds our club, the people that work there are all volunteered workers and they don’t earn to keep this club alive. The money that club DOES earn all goes to anime merch, mangas for manga library and mini events I mentioned above. All for good fun to say it simply.

We can’t even ask our country for help because when we did they could just say this to us: “To which political party do you belong to?” which is a real shame and I am ashamed everything in Serbia functions based on which party we are in (and there are plenty that hold big companies in their grasp and don’t give a shit about those that they can’t benefit from). They don’t care about culture any more and am I not saying this because we are with this big problem but also looking on how other cultural programs are barely holding up, especially since my father is a teacher of folk dance so I understand the struggle.

I would mention a lot more things here but I said I will keep it short so I will mention all the details in the video.


Now, before you run off thinking “I’m sorry, I can’t help, I’m as poor as you are *poofs a moth out of a wallet*” there is something you CAN DO to help us and doesn’t involve just donating.


I am sure this is a subject anyone can relate to. I am sure many of you live in places where something as japanese pop culture (from anime and manga to music and culture aline) is not as well accepted and understand how rare it is to find someone who finds it interesting in local places and not just on the internet. We want to protect this place as it is a type of sanctuary, a place where we can gather and be tolerable toward one another, play games and learn together, discuss about things we love… we choose to come to this place instead of staying isolated at home feeling unaccepted by people around us (as personally and speaking for many friends, we were teased, bullied and mocked for our own interests we love). We want to keep Sakurabna and Japanizam alive as much as we can, even if it means giving our own effort and money to make it so because we love our “second home”.

In the video, I will explain what Sakurabana means to me and how much it saved me, not even joking here.

  • If you wish to donate, so far we have this current working paypal e-mail: vortodox@gmail.com (please keep in mind this is an e-mail I used to get my commissions payment but it is no longer used for that, it belongs to the founder of the Sakurabana, Vortodox, who earlier kindly offered to help me earn something using his paypal. THIS E-MAIL IS NO LONGER USED FOR COMMISSIONS. It is now primary e-mail used ONLY FOR DONATION TO SAKURABANA CLUB FOR THE MENTIONED GOAL). Yes, this means I no longer have an e-mail for personal commissions but that is fine because Paypal will be in full function in our country (meaning we will be able to get and not just send money through it) starting October 8th. I will be getting my own paypal next month but this is not what is important now.
  • Despite mentioned above, I WILL BE DOING COMMISSIONS ONLY TO DONATE TO THE CLUB FROM NOW ON. Yes, it means cutting off my only way of earning something and giving it all to Sakurabana. THAT is how much this means to me! If you want, you can always commission me under current prices OR you can wait for a bit until I make a special event where I could make art giveaways for given amount of money you donate to Sakurabana. If you can suggest anything that can work for us both do comment and leave that suggest, I’m happy to consider anything that can help.
  • Starting probably next week or this one, the club will put a start on something similar to a kickstarter but it will be on a INDIEGOGO site. As soon as the “kickstarter” is set up, I will offer you guys a link so even if it’s just a buck you send to it IT WILL STILL BE VERY APPRECIATED!
  • For the locals, there will be a bank or a drawing account where you can donate money via deposit slip.
  • And finally, as mentioned above, SPREAD THE WORD! I will be honest, our country is a deep shit with economy as it is, all our hope is poured mostly from international incomes we can get as a donation. If you spread awareness (by copying or linking this journal, reblogining, posting on fb, your art pages, anything what works for you) then you can help us gain some more interest of other people who are willing to help even just a bit. Anything goes. I know this is hard as barely anyone reads about things that probably has nothing to do with them but at least keep this in mind: WE ARE DOING THIS FOR THE SAKE OF KEEPING SOMETHING THAT IS BARELY NOTABLE HERE ON BALKAN. WE WANT TO MAKE IT BIG SO ANYONE FROM ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD COULD COME VISIT OUR CONVENTION AND HAVE FUN INSTEAD OF KEEPING THE SPACE LIMITED AND SMALL DURING JAPANIZAM. WE ALREADY KNOW PEOPLE FROM VARIOUS EUROPIAN COUNTRIES COME HERE EVERY YEAR TO ENJOY A CONVENTION THEY PROBABLY DON’T HAVE IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. THIS IS WHERE WE GATHER TO ENJOY SOMETHING WE ALL LOVE. PLEASE SUPPORT IT!

If you have anything you can suggest that can help us feel free to do so. You can also comment and suggest what I personally can do through art that can benefit both of us, instead of just giveaway I mentioned above. 

Thanks for reading! I will work on making a video which may help you guys understand more about this situation (and mostly from personal perspective).

Signal boost this! SHARE!!!