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So yeaaah since that one anon asked about commissions and I actually did this thingy here I while ago but didn’t upload it… here we go.

In case somebody really wishes to receive art from me for money.

Just send me a message off anon so I can respond privately. We can always talk about the price and you can ask me in case you just wanna have the sketch or just a lineart or stuff like that. I’m not that strict.

Anyways, commissions are open until sept 15 or something like that.

Paypal only

♥ What I don’t draw:
- sex scenes (slight nsfw is ok)
- Pokémon (if there’s a human in the pic and the pokßemon isn’t too coomplicated, we’ll see)
- Mecha/Robots
- Sonic/Animals/Anthro/Furry - I simply can’t ;A;
- Realistic. I’m practising that right now, but I’m really bad.
- Complicated backgrounds.
- Extreme gore. Blood and stuff is OK, but, you know, no person hanging around with his arms ripped off and his organs hanging out :I
- offensive things

if you wanna see more examples of my art, go here

okay so apparently I have to pay VISA back $89 because my banking is in the red and it’s fucking bullshit because they haven’t shown how much money I had so I thought I had $89 when I have nothing. 

And fucking WebStarts is on my ass again even though my stepdad and I told them I don’t want to use their shitty scam site and now I have to pay them $65

I really need some money so I can pay them back so I’m putting up commissions



Hey guys! I’m Ashley! After a very long process and months of hard work and waiting I was accepted into the college of my dreams! It has everything I could ever hope for! Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon!

My cost of attendance, which includes housing/tuition/food, is $26,748. I got a $6,000 loan through my school and my parents were going to get another loan under their name to cover the $20,748. I don’t have a good relationship with my parents due to growing up in an abusive household, so the past 4 months has been nothing but yelling and tears and fighting. They finally called it quits two weeks ago and told me I was on my own and that I had to somehow get the rest of the money. 
I called Western Federal Credit Union, Wells Fargo, Sally Mae, and Bank of America and each time my loan was denied because I’m still a minor and have no cosigner or work history. My parents refuse to be my cosigner and no bank in their right mind would give me a loan so I’m turning to the only option I have left. 
I set up an Indiegogo to help fund some money to make this easier on me. 
I know $1 might not seem like a lot but it would mean the world to me if you contributed anything!
I’m willing to write songs, promote, do basically anything for those who help me raise money!
I understand if you can’t donate but if you could signal boost this it would make me the happiest girl alive!
Thank you all so much! 
My parents may have given up on me but I’ve worked too hard to give up now! 

👇Here is the link to my indiegogo👇

OR YOU CAN USE PAYPAL IF THATS EASIER :)i have a donate button on my blog!!!

And feel free to message me with any questions/comments you have ! 💕💕


i feel like total trash doing this and i never thought it would have to come to this but im freaking out and i feel this is one of my last resorts

as many of you may know, im currently an incoming senior in high school and with that comes the inevitable time of college applications. the other day my mom and i sat down and seriously talked about it, talked about how my family is going to be able to afford the applications i need (applications being on average $50)

my mom is currently a full time student without a job and we are a family of 5 living on a one person income

in the last 5-10 years we have gone bankrupt, lost a house, and my mom is still paying off medical bills from when she had cancer and other surgeries my dad and myself had to have

on top of this, we live in a county with an unemployment rate of 21.1% as of May 2014, the highest in the state of California.

so as you can imagine it is difficult for a teenager like myself to find a job let alone my mom who tried the last 3 months to get a part time job with no luck (I’ve applied to 12 jobs and none have responded and the positions have been filled)

so what im getting to here is this

i just put up a donations button on my blog that links to my paypal account, and im asking if and only if you can, donate money to help me pay for my college applications.

I promise im not asking for a lot, every cent counts.

I do have a private tutoring service i give out so i have not lost all hope, but i would never be able to get enough money in time for college applications in the fall because i can only tutor during the school year and i give half my money to my parents

So please, if you can, please consider donating with the donate button on my blog or here; it would mean the world to me, and even if you cant, reblog this post and get the word out.

Thank you so much, I love you all

Hey guys.
I want to talk you about something. I want to move to another country because here where I live doesn’t give me what I need for work and scared to something bad happen to me because the insecurity.
My major priority has been this “moving away project” since I started working but I’m going super slow and I need to get this shit faster for the reasons I just told you and for family reason that I can’t stand anymore, the fighting is present in my house everyday and I can’t hold it anymore, I need a better place for myself if I really care about my metal being.

Every commission will help me to get to the goal faster
Here is the info: 




There’s my patreon that you should check too.

Please, help me share this at least with a reblog or posting in other pages.

xanderzellerart said:

Hey I was wondering if you had any tutorials or advice about payment methods/practices for freelance artists doing commissions on paypal? or maybe other websites artists tend to use? I'm looking at doing a trial run of commissions, but I'm not sure how to go about doing it.

Hey there! Here’s our commission tag which has some good info. :) 

Here are some tips I can offer as a mod:

  • Don’t stress too much about pricing your work!! Set your rates at a price you think you deserve. Don’t let yourself be turned away from charging a fair amount because you’re afraid people won’t buy it. Most of the time people are coming to you with money in their budget for a commission. 
  • Get paid up front. Thankfully, this is pretty rare in my own experiences, but I have heard stories of friends who give the buyer their art, and then have a hell of a hard time getting in contact with them after for payment. It causes unnecessary stress and irritation, and most people won’t mind paying up front anyways. 
  • On that note, Make sure you are GETTING paid. It’s very exciting when you get a message from someone who wants to recruit you for what seems like a big project, but please be wary. Don’t let the haze of “oh my god, someone wants to pay me for my work?!’ get in the way of thinking critically. Don’t feel like you’re a greedy jerk for asking about payment. And most of the time, you shouldn’t do business with someone who repeatedly dodges the question when it comes up. 
  • This is a sort of personal preference, but I would suggest using your email instead of the tumblr askbox. Tumblr’s ask box does occasionally eat ask messages, and it’s good to be able to have a record of what was requested of you as the artist, how much was agreed on as payment, and what references you were given (if any). You can use Xkit’s outbox function to have a record of messages you’ve sent to other people or messages you’ve replied privately to, but in my opinion it’s a good idea to not depend on that kind of thing. 

As for good websites, I myself have had success on Tumblr and Reddit (/r/animalcrossing to be specific) and I’ve heard Furrafinity, is very good since people on that site are always looking for artists to draw their Ocs. However I’m not good at drawing furry art so I’ve never tried it myself. 

If you’re looking to sell prints, Redbubble, Society6 and Storeenvy are all good options, and I can write another post about the differences I know of (though keep in mind I dont have a lot of experience with these sites at all) if you’d like :) 

Hope this helps!

Watch on

Samira Wiley’s Paypal commercial (x)

Donations Please


My name is Cecil. I’m a 17 year old agender person and will be starting my college application process soon. I come from a lower middle class family and I know that we are very tight on money. Because of this I decided to open up a paypal account so that I can ask for donations to help cover some of the costs of applications, transcript requests and other fees that may come up. I also have some personal expenses that may come up in the next few months, so I will be needing money to cover these as well. I realise that I’m not the most needy person on this website, nor the most popular, so I’m not expecting hundreds of dollars to flood in, however, every dollar is much appreciated and needed.

The link to donate is here as well as on my blog. 

Thank you very much in advance,


Paypal's Layout Change and Digital Commissions

ok don’t panic i figured it out *mostly peptalking to self*

They took out or moved the goods/services dropdown which may affect people who do commissions or buy commissions. It’s not that big of a switch to understand, but it caught me hella off guard so here we go.

Under the “Send and Request” tap on your main account page:

If you are buying physical goods that will be mailed to you, click “Goods and Services” because it will automatically prompt you for an address. Then the one being paid will be prompted to print and ship a label. Only use this if you are buying a tangible thing.

If you are buying a digital commission, adoptable, whatever else online, use “Send money to friends and family” because it does not ask for an address, simply.

Incorrectly asking artists for goods/services that aren’t meant to be shipped— i.e. a digital commission— may cause their money to be withheld, unusable, or lock their accounts or other issues- I have heard several horror stories but have not experienced them myself BUT I would like to avoid it at all costs and you should too.

*tiny psa reminder to calm self down WHOO*

My names Matthew and I’m currently in a situation. My family has been in a struggle all my life and constantly dragged me down to the point of losing a lot of my ambitions and funds. I’m currently trying to remove myself from this situation to give myself a solid footing on the ground. To move on with my life and give myself ambition. Be able to start school and live my life. away from the depressive and abusive life my family has provided for me. Currently my only option is to move across the country to stay with a friend. I will have no job and my funds are low. I will need to fund the trip and be able to afford rent. IF ANYONE can help by simply doing anything you can, by signal boosting this, or directly helping me by donating to my paypal I would greatly appreciate it. I don’t normally like to be selfish but I am in a huge time of need with very little options and am desperate for help. Please help any way you can.

Paypal Email :

Okay guys

Right now my living situation isn’t Ideal. I live with a mother who is as close to crazy and clingy as you can get. She has drained most of my bank account that my dad had left me before he died so that I can’t move out or do anything without her help. I’m not asking for much. A couple cents or maybe even a few dollars will due. I’m trying to save enough money to where I can move out, but I cant do that if I’m constantly paying for gas etc. If you could donate just a little a pass it on to a few friends that would be greatly appreciated. 



Levii-athan Commissions are Open! I’ll take 5 slots at a time! I will draw anything and all backgrounds will be transparent so you can but it in on your blog or anywhere.

I will not draw
- porn
- furries
- gore

$5 for a Chibi
7$ for an Icon
10$ for a headshot
18$ for a half body
30$ for a full body

Extra characters in a pic is an additional 8$ and adding accessories that didn’t come with the character (like phones, animal ears, food etc) are 5 dollars

Send me a message if you want one! Pay me using Paypal. Only pay me when I tell you I’ve drawn your photo! I will send it to you via your submission box. (If not I will post it on my art blog and send you the link)


Wanna learn how to earn free, easy money?! It’s simple. There is an app called feature points - it works on just about any smartphone or tablet device. Basically, you download apps (they’re all free) test them out, (only have to use them for about 30 seconds to a minute) then earn points! You can delete the app after you’ve earned the points or keep it if you like it.

Trust me, it’s not a scam. I was super skeptical of using the app because I thought I would just be wasting my time but I’ve already earned two amazon gift cards. The proof is right up there!

All you have to do is go to this link:

It’s my referral code/download link and if you use it, it automatically starts you off with 50 free points. After that you can start earning points for your self that turn into FREE money!

You can win tons of things like xbox codes, itunes gift cards, amazon gift cards or even money straight to your paypal account. I like getting the amazon cards because it has helped a little with buying college text books!

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️