Financial Troubles

Okay, this is a serious post, so sorry?? My mom recently lost her job, thus we are getting very tight on money. There aren’t many opportunities for work around here, but my mom has been searching nonetheless. My mom had funded my and my brother’s lives, and so I’ve been trying to sell things on ebay to help get money to pay the bills and for groceries. It would really mean a lot if any of you could spare some money,
even a few dollars, to send some to my paypal or you can email me there/send me asks and we could talk about you buying things that I’m not in need of/have duplicates of as we are struggling. I am willing to sell books, clothing, CDs, movies, records, games, electronics. If you are interested in buying any of these, or you have some money you can spare, it would mean a lot to me.


So I don’t normally ask the internet for help on anything, but this, this is very important. A little girl by the name of Keeley really very DESPERATELY needs your help.

Keeley is only 3 years old, but has already spent most of her life in a hospital. She has been diagnosed with several disorders, including protein colitis, pyloric stenosis (which means the muscle connecting her stomach to her intestine closed up, making it impossible to eat for several months as it was treated), anal stenosis (so anything she did eat wouldn’t make it back out). She has two thumbs on one hand, 3 spinal defects, 3 heart defects, seizures and periods of hypoglycemia and inability to stop holding her breath. She has neuronal intestinal dysplasia, zero motility and mega colon (which basically means her body doesn’t think it has a large intestine to make use of). She’s already had a pacemaker installed, and needs major surgery to sort out her intestines so they’re in the right spots and fit properly in her growing body. They also need to look at a kidney issue they’ve just discovered. As you can imagine, this is a lot for a little girl to go through, but she’s staying as strong as she can, and her family wants nothing more than to see her well again.

With complications from surgery after surgery, and medical bills piling up for the care that Keeley absolutely needs, her family is in dire, dire need of financial help to continue being able to afford her necessary medical care. And that’s where you can help.







Pretty much my laptop is getting pretty old and seems to no longer want to cooperate with me while working, so it’s about time I upgrade for a more reliable system, and what better way than with commissions! <:






Contact me via (please title email as “Commission”)

Please remember to mark it as ‘services’ on Paypal!

Reblogging and sharing will be a huge help and greatly appreciated too!

hi everyone!!

my name is rocco, i’m 18, and i live in new york for those who don’t know me. to make this as short as i possibly can, i just set up a paypal account to receive any donations to help me out in general. i’ve been financially independent for the past 3 years and it’s been really the point where i had to get 4 jobs that weren’t even on the books and working all of these horrible hours into the early morning to just make ends meet. and it hasn’t been a good 2015 so far because of extremely personal reasons and constant money problems are just adding to my current horrible mental state.

i’m moving back to new york city after this semester (i’m currently attending a school in pennsylvania) and will have to find my own place since my brother can no longer provide housing for me. i’m currently paying for a lot of things on my own like old hospital bills from when i was really sick and installments for my current tuition but unfortunately i didn’t get enough hours this semester from my job so i’m really spending every cent on my paycheck on these important expenses first. ive always kind of lived by the skin of my teeth and its really not healthy as im getting older and transitioning to a new living situation for the 5th time in two years. i wish i could put how stressed i am into words but i’m not very good with them lately. 

i ask if you can please spread this by reblogging! if you can even just spare a dollar, i’d be so goddamn appreciative, you have no idea. thank you for all of the support for the past 5 years, honestly 

my donation page is here. thank you so much.

Hi, I’m Amythest! I am an Autistic and multiply disabled writer, artist, public speaker,  advocate, and activist. I blog about disability and Autism at my blog, and I produce and host a video series called “Ask an Autistic” on my Youtube channel. I am a member of the ASAN Vancouver chapter  and a…

Hi friends!

So I recently learned that my new medication (which is awesome and helps manage my joint pain, nausea, and sleeping) is going to cost $125 for the first four weeks, and $150 for every four weeks after. This medication is not covered at all, and it’s pricey, but it could really improve my quality of life and enable me to do more stuff. If you would like to help me out, any donations towards my GoFundMe campaign supports my autism advocacy/activism efforts, the production of my Ask an Autistic videos, and also my staying-alive-and-affording-medication goal.

Also, if you live in the US or Canada and donate $15 or more, or if you are from any other country and donate $20 or more, I will send you a cute little Autistic Cat sketch in the mail to say thanks!

Or, if you don’t use WePay (which is what GoFundMe uses) or you would rather donate directly to me through PayPal, you can find my Paypal e-mail at the bottom of my FAQ page (it’s the very last answer). PayPal donations get Autistic Cat sketches too!

10 Important Steps - Do You Really Need Those Shoes?

Finally got my hands on these babies! This week I’ve tried to compile a list of thoughts I run through when spending a little more than hoped for…

Image from my Instagram, @IZZYSMITHH

I can never justify spending ridiculous amounts of money on everyday clothes, something that’ll get ruined and washed a lot. I also can’t justify spending too much on something I will only wear once. These shoes sit right in the centre for me! 

If you’re looking at buying, or on the fence about something a little out of your usual price range, here are my steps to deciding whether you need the item, or just want it. The difference matters, especially if you’re trying to save money!

  1. I’ll use these shoes as an example. Save the item (If it’s online) in your bookmarks inside a folder named “Wish List”
  2. Search other outlets, eBay, local buy and sell Facebook pages, high end clothing Facebook pages, gumtree, google the name/style/brand and search for the item on other websites. You may find it on sale, or be able to use a discount code. Many sites reward newsletter subscribers with a joining discount code of 10%-20%! Looking in store may also be an option.
  3. It’s also super important to consider whether these match with more that 5+ outfits in your wardrobe, whether the colours are easily matched and whether the shoe looks comfortable and easily worn casually as well as formally. Having manipulative items in your wardrobe can save you an incredible amount of money, I underestimated this myself. I find it it much easier to own basic good quality clothing items and a few expensive items. Majority should be classic, some should be statements. This way, you can re-wear these items without being an outfit repeater. (Also you’ll be getting your moneys worth if you can wear the item more than once!!)
  4. If you can’t manage to get the shoes any cheaper, try not to think about the shoes for a while. Don’t visit the website or look at the sites Instagram. Block them out of your mind! You’ll still be thinking about them in a months time if they really appeal to you. If you’ve forgotten about them, then perhaps it was a good idea to avoid any impulsive buying.
  5. If you’re still thinking about the shoes two or more weeks later, then begin to consider where they might fit into your budget. I personally wait about 4-6 weeks!
  6. Figure out a strategy. If you’re paid weekly, decide to put away $20 or $40 each week into an online only bank account (Most branches have these!) or into a PayPal account. If you’re payed fortnightly, maybe $50 per pay. Depending on what you’re earning and what you can factor in to expenses you already have! Try and save this every week, a small amount of money each week is going to have less of an impact on your bank account than a lump sum all in one go! If you earn a little more than usual one week, reward yourself by putting a slightly larger figure into this savings/PayPal account. If you normally save $20 a week/fortnight, save $40.
  7. You can easily save a small amount each week by cutting out a magazine and a drink you might buy on your way to work. Buying a cheaper shampoo for that month or reducing the amount in a wash so you won’t have to buy a new bottle soon! Avoid getting nails re-done as soon as they start to grow out, don’t buy a new outfit for the weekend and pair a skirt and top together that you haven’t paired together before, buy one less drink when you’re out (It totals up so fast!), take a packed lunch to work, stretch your makeup out longer than usual by only applying it when you need to.
  8. Stretching everything a little further is worth it when you’re trying to reach an end goal. I’m not saying to do this all the time. Of course it is important to treat yourself, but it helps to think about the little things when you feel like your money is flying out the door!
  9. At this stage, you’ve been looking closely at your expenses and saving weekly for something you desperately want. You’ve reached the goal amount of savings in this PayPal account and you’re about to purchase the shoes, stop and think once more. This part always gets me. Looking at the savings sum, it may be $200, $300… Imagine transferring that back into a high interest savings account, imagine earning money on these savings. You could put this towards a new car, getting something fixed around the house/apartment, paying off tuition/university, putting it towards booking a well deserved holiday (You can fly to bali for that price!), creating a capsule wardrobe and buying several pieces of clothing for the price of one pair of shoes…
  10. Still want them after those thoughts? Get them.

That’s exactly what I did, I bought these on eBay for about $70 less than the RRP. I waited for the listing to re-list and by that time I felt I could buy these without impacting my savings too much. I’ve had my eye on these shoes since last year and finding them $70 cheaper seemed like a gift from the gods. Though they were still expensive, I feel as though I can justify it with myself after going through all of my steps above.

Plus they’re black and white comfortable heels… Impossible to go wrong! 

If you’re looking for these shoes, they’re available HERE, some are even on sale! (Riley IV)    

i need money for trans things like binders and clothing to help me feel more comfortable w/ myself. i’ve given up on the idea of doing HRT or having surgery so i’m just trying to pass as well as i can w/ what i have. if you are thinking of donating & have questions feel free to msg me

my paypal email is, or u can use the donate button on my blog


For those who missed out on backing the Cannon Busters animated project campaign back in Dec, you now have a chance to through PayPal.^^ is now live and has made this opportunity available for a limited time. This is for those who still want to back this amazing project and add a couple ends to production and get in on some of the fun too! Simply go the site, click on “Pledge rewards” and choose from the limited selection available! Thanks so much for the support thus far as we get things under way on our end. Exciting news in the coming weeks! Enjoy your weekend! ‪#‎MakeStuff‬

Backers pledge here!


OH GAWD I reopened stuff.
I usually draw stuff with a transparent BG, that way you can futz around with it as you like! I would also like to remind people I am chronically ill and disabled, I can’t always get to my desktop. HOWEVER, I do update people often (multiple times a day) and will go back and forth with you until your commish is precisely what you want. I’m that kind of gal. Insane.

SO, I have five slots for April. Feel free to message me! B xxx

PS all proceeds are going towards getting my drivers license (finally). Unless you’re giving me ingame wow gold for a service, in which case, AWWW YUSSS GEAR AND BAGS AND SHIT thank you so much ;_;

Update 7:26: We have found and corrected the issue, and are working on resending out all of the delayed gems.

Your gems should arrive whether or not you sent us a ticket via contact us.

Hello everyone. Currently our gem purchase system is not working. Gem purchases made between 15:30 March 23 - 03:26 March 24 are in the affected range and may not have delivered.

Please rest assured that we are working on this issue and have records of all purchases that are undelivered. We will make sure that your gem purchases arrive as soon as possible. We have turned off the gem purchase page as we we work on this problem. Our apologies for the delay, and thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue.

hey so its nearly midnight and i wanna do this since nt many ppl are on so im gonna do this now! a lot of u know i have a lovely girlfriend who i want to meet very much but unfortunately even bus tickets are even a lot of money (200+ :-/) and their birthday is in June and so is their graduation! i would very much like to surprise them (sort of) by taking a train/bus to see them (from ca to ky) so if any of you guys want to you can donate to my paypal my email is im not gonna make a big deal out of this since i hate doing this but hopefully i get a job before then so i can rely on myself to do this! anyway thanks you don’t have to reblog or anything but anything would help thank you!!!

We need your help

I came out of the closet exactly one year ago (2014). My brother, zamir-n-stuff, came out at the beginning of this year (2015). We’ve both been through a lot of hell that erupted after we came out. 

Now, we are doing so much better. We both are finally living with our mother, who has been so overwhelmingly supportive of the both of us. We both have amazingly beautiful girlfriends that we adore. We’ve even invited them to go with us to the LGBTQ+ prom in the city! Our first prom, as well as the first event where we can finally be ourselves! 

There’s only one problem. We have been having some money issues as of late. We moved from an apartment into a house after my mother got remarried later in the year. Between the summer and winter, our parents had the surprise of us spontaneously moving in. Adding in some car troubles and tickets, we’re really tight on funds.

 I know there are a lot of people more deserving than us. In hindsight, we are very privileged, and it kills our mom that she can’t provide a magical night for us despite that. 

Zamir and I both lack formal masculine clothing. The families we had lived with previously disagreed with our “lifestyle” so we’re stuck with dresses and blouses. 

It would mean the world to us if you lent a hand! My blog has a PayPal donate button at the top. We will take plenty of pictures and post them as soon as possible as proof and fruit of your donation! If there is any leftover funds, they will go directly to charity (either Random Acts or one of many transgender organizations).

Thank you all for being so kind and supportive! We love you!

I’ll be doing commissions for a while on deviantart (MY PROFILE HERE) - now that I have time and I need a little bit of money. The commissions will be a half body pony, but you could ask me to draw it with some complements (hats, scarves, glasses, maybe some clothes,…) if they are not too difficult or too many. I draw and color in traditional way (pen + pencils) and then take a high quality photo of the work.

Prices: 5$ or 500 points. *I lower the prices*
For $ it would be by Paypal and for points it would be by donating to me on dA.

Example (more examples in my gallery): 

If you want to ask for a commission send me a note on deviantart please.

*Edited and lowered the prices

My zine / journal ‘Thoughts of a fast-walker is now available via Etsy. (here)

If you do not want to buy it via Etsy, the other option is to simply send 3$ (shipping costs included) to via PayPal.
Make sure that here you write ‘Zine’ and add your address in the notes section!

And as always, if there are any more questions, feel free to message me!

P.S.: the shipping is worldwide in both options


Hey everyone. I need help once again from tumblr. My fiance has been here for not even 2 weeks with me in the US. My mother was hunky-dory about him being here, but yesterday she completely flipped around and said all this bad stuff and that basically she wanted him out. He’s here for 3 months. We are going to try to look at an apartment, but we are low on cash as it is. I have medical bills and tuition bills to pay, and I’m so scared to be homeless, as I have basically been outcasted from home because of my love. We need help. We need money to pay things off and be able to afford a home. To take care of our dog. To be happy again. I’ve been living in this abusive situation since I was 9 years old and My mind has dropped to suicidal thoughts and depression due to all the stress. Please Tumblr. You got people dogs and fluffy chickens, and you’ve given me help before. Please help me out once more. Anything you can send will be more than helping us, be it $1, $5, or even 50 cents. Please help us. You can donate to my paypal, and send me messages if you are wondering about anything. I can do commisions to give you alittle thanks. 



So the job I have means that I need a computer/laptop, (I write online content for various websites) I also work from home because of my anxiety and social anxiety prevents me doing most social things including working in a shop or anything like that.

What has just happened is that my laptop has just FUCKING EXPLODED! It is beyond repair.

Without the laptop I will lose my job and entire income.
I cannot afford to replace my laptop.

Long story short, I need help. I can’t go to my family and the family I have is small as it is.

I’m asking for you guys to help me and donate money to me. It’s a big as I know. And I hate myself for it but I can’t lose my job because I will lose everything.

My PayPal is

It you can’t help can you please just share this, or even send me a message of encouragement.


Thank you, Lauren xxx

Seeking a bit of help.

While I usually wouldn’t resort to this, I am afraid I must ask of you all a favour.

I am in need of a total of $250 to pay for electricity, which is needed for my everyday living and in my search for a job. That means I obviously do not have a stable job to pay for it and am forced to get the money from elsewhere. I have a gofundme but I also have a PayPal under the e-mail

My most sincere thanks to those who can spare to support me and give me the chance to keep going, it is truly not something easy to ask of you. Every little bit helps.

So seriously thank you to all of you.