First-to-market biometric payment system scans your hand of it’s vein layout to identify the customer and their account.

To those unfamiliar with vein biometrics, the way your veins are structured around your body are more unique than a fingerprint, therefore considered a far more accurate form of personal identification - video from the University of Lund, Sweden below:

Paying for a coffee or lunch by simply scanning your palm still sounds like science fiction to most of us. However, an engineering student at Lund University in Sweden has made it happen - making his the first known company in the world to install the vein scanning technique in stores and coffee shops.


Link to Quixter’s website can be found here

First Paycheque

I rushed home today after finishing call to log on to my computer. It is my first pay day, and I was anxious to know if my payroll application had gone through. It did.

While the electronic transfer only takes into account a week’s worth of pay due to delayed processing, the amount transferred was still more money than I had ever received on a single pay stub.

Austerity London has been kicking our butts. 50% of the house has been struggling to pay rent for a long time now and we were under the impression until today that we would not even be given the opportunity to renew the contract. Luckily we have been given until August 6th to pay what we owe whic…

I need as much help as I can possibly get! Please share if you can. Thank you. xx

The Guilty Victim

This life I force myself through
never waits for the payments I send;
but introduces me to another burden,
before I can gather the required amount
of swallowed pride – then infests me
with debt, just before I am able to collect
the necessary selflessness and apathy,
which both are unavoidable for
a life I do not have to force myself through.

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Security 46 – Revisiting Payment Options

We go back to discussing various ways to pay online with the introduction of Apple Pay.

A girl, she sits alone on a pitch black night.
Sad, as night’s dark veil descends.
But lo, the moon nestles into the sky,
Silvery and full, banishing the dark from whence it came.
When dawn breaks,
the night of atonement quietly departs.
—  Darker than black

anonymous said:

Hi! I want to order the CP Super Fluffy bell-shape petti from Qutieland. I tried to use a visa prepaid card, but thats not an option on the site. The only other options are using Paypal or Western Union. My mom doesnt want to use Paypal because she thinks there is 'hidden fees and debt' when ordering online that will make the order very expensive. I have no idea how to use Western Union and fear the same thing. How can i make the payment for the petti?

Western Union is actually the one with hidden fees from my experience, although I’ve only used them once. Paypal doesn’t charge you anything if you’re buying things, only if you use Bill Me Later which works similarly to a credit card where you pay interest. Other than that you’re not paying for anything other than the item you’re buying. (It also takes extra money if you’re sending someone money as a gift or something like that, which is not the case with your transaction so you don’t have to worry about it, but even then, you’re not actually being charged, they just take a percentage of what you’re already sending.) I’ve been using PayPal for years and they’ve always been reliable. You may even be able to open a PayPal account using your prepaid card (I opened mine years ago using a Visa gift card) but I’m not 100% sure on that.