One of the ways to expand the revenue stream from concerts is to live stream the event as a pay-per-view, or package the show and sell it to a cable network like Palladia or Fuse, which MSG owns. Consumers are already getting used to live streaming of concerts from sites like Livestream and Concert Window, and they’ll eventually adopt it as they’re doing with streaming music. Another win for AMSGE.
—  Irving Azoff Reinvents The Major Record Label x

Custom Tattoo Design Deposit

This is the deposit payment for anyone who is requesting a custom tattoo design. I’m doing this as many times people are not reliable with their payments when I have made them a custom order. As a customer you will pay a deposit (which will be refundable if the custom order done is not satisfactory) and then pay the remaining balance once the product has been completed and you are happy to purchase it.
You will not be expected to pay for postage and packaging until you have seen the final product.
Once I accept your order I will mark as “dispatched” and will then contact you as soon as your order is complete.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions :)
Thank you :)

My flea market findings from this week are not plentiful but great

  • 2x XBox 360 Wireless Controller
  • XBox Wireless Receiver for the PC

For the whole package I payed 8€. After a lot of cleaning they look almost as new and they work flawlessly after figuring out how to get them to work. The left analog sticks are only a little bit worn out but they look and feel OK in my opinion.  For that price and condition I have no real reason to complain about. The wireless receiver alone costs more new than what I’ve got here.

World’s Top 10 PPC Management Companies - 2015

PPC is an important part of Digital Marketing which constitutes advertising on search engines like Google, Bing etc. Placing their ad on the top of the search results along with a good click through rate at the lowest possible CPC is what every company aspires for.

It is not easy to be on the top due to hard competition and high rates per click. But a strategy constituting the right keywords with…

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Hey go check this out if you guys have ever wanted to make an impact. we will be using any money we raise to do things like, make care packages for the homeless, give a waiter/waitress a big tip to help them with living, put a homeless person in a hotel for a while, pay it forward, random acts of kindness, and things like that:) any amount will help and will be greatly appreciated<3

I got these crazy Harry Potter jelly beans that are like bizarre flavors mixed with fun normal ones in Harry Potter world at Universal as a gift for a friend and basically I feel good about it because they sell MUCH LESS than what I have pictured of the jelly beans in a cute little box just like in the movies for $10.95…. You’re paying for the packaging with that. I got this much jelly beans, hardly 1 1/6 of a pound for $5. BITE ME, UNIVERSAL. You’re not getting my money that easily

anonymous asked:

for the group photo package, does everyone pay and then they group you up there? or do you have to find 4-6 people to go with (and everyone pays the package price)?

each person pays $150 and they group you either with your friends if you have 4-6 friends or strangers


Hey guys! I’ve gotten a lot of asks about care packages, and I at least wanna say they r still happening! I’ve packed almost everyone that I’ve gotten a request for, but now that all my money is exauhsted on suppies, I can’t pay to ship them. So I have around 15 packages sitting in my room waiting to go. It’ll cost 13 dollars per package, totalling at about 200 dollars.

So here are the actual points of this post

1. DONATIONS: I need them! So iim doing a little commission-y thing. These will be drawn by both me and aazaroth​. If you pay for one package (13$) one of will do a b&w with shading or a flat colour piece for you. Literally anything under that we’ll doodle/ sketch something for you (this means dollar donation would still be helpful & get u a doodle) Examples are all above!

2. I wanna be as transparent as possible about everything that happens with this project, so I made a twitter. Follow it @TransGirlCare for updates on when donations come in, packages go out, and general positivity.

Alright thats all I have to say, so please donate if you can, and signal boost if you cant! Everything you do helps a trans girl in need!

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“Also, approx how many people were audience at the Q&A session? Were these the 2995 paying folk?” Could have been some, since they had tickets to everything, but no, most people paid 45 to see his talk. The thing with the 2995 obsession is that 95% didn’t pay that. High end packages like that are there to drive down costs across the board, and since Arwel wasn’t going to give tours all day, there was probably only 5 to 10 of those tickets available.

Another anon: Sherlocked wasn’t that overpriced, just too big without sponsors or booth rentals to generate income *ducks head to avoid tomatoes* I am serious though. That hall plus appearance fees, security and permits and everything else gives it a multimillion dollar operating cost easy. Without studios (like in SDCC) or sponsors to pick up the tab, that left only tickets to cover costs and turn a profit. All tickets would have been like $400+ if they didn’t do ala carte. They should go small/no frills.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is drawing a populist bead on lavish Wall Street pay packages as she revs up her march to the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, but in some respects the fat-per-speech fee she can charge puts her far ahead of the top 10 highest-paid American CEOs. I think it’s fair to say that if you look across the country, the deck is stacked in favor of those already at the top. There’s something wrong when CEOs make 300 times more than the American worker…, Clinton said during her first campaign swing last week at an Iowa community college. Bashing Wall Streeters is part of Clinton’s strategy of remaking her image to appear more sympathetic to middle class voters, while also appealing to left-wing Democrats who are attracted to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and the even more radical supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont socialist who talks of seeking the 2016 nomination.

For centuries, the concept of “common carriage” — the idea that transportation and communication networks must be open to all, without discrimination — has guided trade routes, railway lines, postal services, and telecommunications. Think of the postal service: we pay to send a package, and no matter who we are or whom we are sending it to, we trust that our package will arrive without being intentionally slowed down or otherwise disrupted.

Early internet connections were given the same protections. But starting in 2002, company lobbyists convinced weak regulators to begin to revoke common carriage obligations for broadband providers. In subsequent years, the FCC, the agency charged with overseeing US telecoms, refused to consider Net Neutrality rules that it deemed too politically difficult to implement.
—  Taking sides for net neutrality: Net neutrality means non-discriminatory access to an open internet, and new US rules – pushed by activists – block companies from undermining this.

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Have you ever tried Bellami hair extensions? If so how do they compare to the ones you use now

I haven’t no I think there a bit over priced, well to get them from over her in england they are because of shipping and VAT fees, My sister got them once she got the most expensive ones the “best” ones, and when she got them she cried she was so pissed hahha you pay more for the packaging then the hair, she got the thickest pack, the lilly hair I think it was and it was so thin hahaha thinner then the ones she normally buys, she had to buy more hair it was that thin and I think she paid over £250 and she usually pays like £100 and it was worse haha. I told her not to buy the hair from there but she didn’t listen, don’t forget that the people who promote the hair are getting paid a large amount and they don’t pay for the extensions, and usually the people who buy it don’t know the difference because they haven’t worn another brand before…..Honestly you can get better hair for a lot cheaper. Also bare in mind next time the people who promote the hair have naturally thick long hair anyway, like carli bel her hair is so thick and long, your better off taking advice from someone who wears full head weave or has quite thin hair without extensions :) xox