Tarok, one of the greatest trotters in history, with his sulky (and breeder/trainer’s son) Jørn Laursen. 
He was sired by the american Pay Dirt, out of the danish mare, Tina Virup. Born in 1972.
Tarok and his breeder(Karl Laursen)’s sons, mostly Jørn, crossed the wire first 111 times, out of 156 starts. He won races such as the 1967 Dansk Trav Derby(Danish Trot Derby) and the 1977 European Championships for 5-year-olds. He raced in New York once with less good results. In France he ran fourth in the toughest race in Europe, the best placing than any other Danish trotter before him. 

At the age of nine, in 1981, Tarok died of a deadly bowel disease. He is buried together with his breeders, Karl and his wife, near the place, where they lived. 
This horse was “every body”’s horse, and will forever be remembered as Dannebrog På Fire Ben here in Denmark (Dannebrog On Four Legs).

Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
  • Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
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Arcade Fire - “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)”

Pay Dirt

For reasons that remain unclear, Arcade Fire decided to make Charlottesville one of its two shows in North America before a long tour mostly in Europe. The other North American show? Bonnaroo.

I’m not complaining. Whatever the band’s reason - warming up for a long tour, some deal with the still-influential DMB manager who lives here, or just wanting to visit Monticello - the people who are around for the summer benefited.

A lot of Arcade Fire’s songs fit the Pay Dirt theme (as I understand Pay Dirt, I guess). The song will start gently with one or two instruments, then the vocals kick in, then more instruments, then the tempo increases, and suddenly you have a wonderfully loud collection of sound before it all goes back to nothing. I love songs that build like that, and Arcade Fire has hooked me with several of them. I’m not trying to say the band is one dimensional; the group has more than one type of song. They just hit pay dirt well.

The first one I heard that fits what I’m talking about was “Tunnels”, and it remains right near the top of my list of AF songs. And man, did they ever nail it live.

So what’s wrong with Arcade Fire? Let’s start with what Win Butler looks like on stage. Someone should tell him to lose the military-type outfit and aggressive haircut. Looks like a Nazi.


Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Go for the Gold in Pay Dirt

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Go for the Gold in Pay Dirt

Pay Dirt is a board game about mining for gold—but we’re not talking about ’49ers with pickaxes and pans here. This is modern-day mining, with excavators and bulldozers. And paperwork. (Well, just a little.)

At a glance: Pay Dirtis for 2 to 4 players, ages 13 and up, and takes about an hour and a half to play. The game is a combination of auction mechanics and worker placement, though in this…

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rejected from nyu. so. that’s that.

If anybody has a line on a full-time job that pays better than dirt wages where a creative guy who has a work ethic but is uncomfortable under the corporate yoke could flourish, let me know.

judaius: no, making the people I have dirt on pay me to not put it out there is blackmailing. :p Gonna need you to stop being so sunshiny when you comment, it’s too much positivity!

cheekily replied to your post: cheekily replied to your post: cheekil…

necessary evil is def. a good descriptor for what college has become under the thrall of debt. talent and inclination, for better or worse, fall short of a degree when you’re applying in one of those fields especially. they’re what drives your career trajectory but you need college to get the ball rolling. and democratic as indie publications often are i’ve heard that they pay dirt to their journalists unfortunately so you’ll def. want to use them to build your resume while you’re in school. in any case, i wish you all the best with whatever you decide to do!

exactly, that’s the plan. for me to utilize the “ability” to be paid shit including taking internships while in school. i trust things will pan out as i work towards the approaching deadlines. thanks again for everything, i really appreciate it! 

Blake Banks "Cali Soul" ft Dana Coppafeel x SPEAK Easy x Bishop Lamont (Single)

Blake Banks “Cali Soul” ft Dana Coppafeel x SPEAK Easy x Bishop Lamont

Produced in collaboration with pay dirt production Da Ricanstrukta took the Tupac California sample and laced it with his own flavor, #Raplords wanted to get a West Coast feature on the mixtape at the time and the only solid connect we had out there was Blake Banks @blakebanksxx . Originally Black Lung was from Rockford, he has moved to the LA to pursue his rap career. As Blake was writing and recording the song his friend and popular rapper Bishop Lamont @bishoplamont (at one point signed to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Records) heard the track and wanted to get on it, that’s how this collaboration came about. The features were not received in time to make the Mixtape and we definitely did not want to let this track collect dust, so here it is!
Enjoy the #VIIDays

Download here

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Beyond claim- Kate Holsinger

April 21, 2015 at 10:38am

I’m not your princess needing a rescue,

I’m not the current project in your busy mad schema.

Nor your hot house flower,

all trimmed into submission and burning in the dark

but falling apart in day light’s glare.

I’m a queen of some consequence,

A work of my own making always in progress.

A tigerlily wild on the banks of my swamp home.

Shining, vivid and relentlessly surviving

a mad manifestation of what is possible.

You need not treat me as if I am other than myself.

I’m beyond imagining.

Peer too closely- my sharpness may cut.

Grasp too greedily

I’ll leave you lying in the dirt.

Pay no mind and

I’ll be just as well.

My growth is not dependent on your observance.

If you feed me candy coated lies,

red as apples but bitter within

I’ll break you down into your elemental truths.

I’m not the resident of a shiny tower

waiting for noble gestures.

I’m not the trophy for your self esteem’s mantle

something fae to point at

a claim of your ego’s.

Not the fantasy you have in your head,

A creature only living to please

or of piteous piety.

I’m a fair burnished goddess of my own world.

Here see how it becomes more as my foot falls?

A creation that is ever evolving from thought, breath, flame

A  face tilted toward the sun,her feet rooted in the earth

I am myself and for myself,

but I may share myself with you.

I am no simpering maiden,

No child to be protected,

No chattel to be traded,

I am my own.

I make my own way through the dust of planets

the maze of stars,

the curtails of belief

do not impose upon me.

Because I make myself,

no one else may claim me

without my claim upon their heart.

My brand burning upon their soul

My name forever coating their very tongue

with the sweetness of wild clover.

If I give you myself,

I give you the world.

You can get it from me no other way.

I am Dianna.



I am all fictions and myth made true.

I am indomitable.

And none will tame me.

California drought: Town fights turning on long-installed water meters

California drought: Town fights turning on long-installed water meters

Even in the Central Valley, where paying a dirt-cheap, flat rate for all the water you want, is often seen as a birthright, Morada stands out: San Joaquin County installed water meters here five years ago, but Moradans have managed to avoid using them by employing a questionable — some say outrageous — stalling tactic.

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