Pax Is Coming!!!

We are now in the single digits for the countdown to pax with only 9 days to go. Everyone from team technatis is going with 3 members doing BYOC. Its going to be a party. Also if you find us you can enter into a raffle to win some awesome games for Xbox and Pc(T&C apply). Also watch us on twitch tv and and youtube for live video feed of pax. And follow us on twitter and facebook for live updates on where and what we are doing. All this infomation can be found on our website

PAX is coming

So just a little over 2 weeks to PAX Prime 2013. This will be my second PAX, but the first one in Seattle. I went to PAX East 2012 and it was fun. Since then, I’ve purchased passes for my two kids and they went to PAX Prime 2012 and PAX East 2013. All three of us will be attending PAX Prime 2013.

I’m excited, but I’m not sure if I’m more excited for going to Seattle, or PAX. See, I spent most of my childhood in the desert of Arizona, roughly just south of Phoenix. It never snowed, it was always hot, and my allergies were through the roof every summer thanks to all the imported trees. 

I like rain. I like clouds. I do not like sun or heat. I lived in Wisconsin for a few years. I do not like icy, snowy winters. I do not like the cold. The biggest thing though is my love of rainy days. Every time, as in EVERY SINGLE TIME, I’d tell someone how I love the rain, their response was ALWAYS, “You should go live in Seattle.”

Now, I know it’s not so much the rain as it is the cooler temps and the cloudy days. However, it is now ingrained into my DNA that I need to live in Seattle! I don’t know if that will ever come to pass, however I can at least say I’ve visited there. So yeah, excited.

Sidenote: I really don’t know what I will wind up doing with this Tumblr, but we’ll play with it a while and see how it goes. It will likely be a mashup of several things, so suck it up, Buttercup.

Guess I might as well let everyone know my PAX lineup. Saturday and Sunday I’ll be Athena from Borderlands: The PreSequel, and Monday I’ll be Rigby from Regular Show (with @frakthisschist as Mordecai) I won’t be cosplaying on Friday.

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So, it’s very early but I prefer to be early than late, or scrambling around at the last minute, but I’m arranging transportation to the airport for our trip to PAX. I’m leaning toward the luxury sedan versus some stinky, unprofessional, untrained driver of those airport shuttle services. Last time we used one of them, I feared for my life by the way they drove. Also called and confirmed the hotel had my reservation, and made my room requests. PAXISCOMING