Bonus: What about Jacques?

So in the incredible story of Garin’s selfie adventures, we’ve already seen Garin with a phone. But what about Jacques? Does he have a phone? Well…. Let’s just say he use to own one… but it took an unfortunate swim into the deep.

Thanks to Garin’s Pawkeet, Blackie (although it was really Jacques’ fault for leaving it on the edge of the ship’s rail). 

(About 5 minutes later…)

Okay truthfully, Jacques would’t really do that to his friend’s petpet. But at the time It sounded like a good idea. \(>v>)/ *shrugs* That’s what you get for being too careless Jacques.

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The music ahahahaha

anonymous asked:

Just so you know i love all your posts :D

Aww that makes me so happy! Thank you ^^ It’s nice to know someone appreciates the same weirdness that I do. Hopefully once I get more used to tumblr, I’ll start doing some more original stuff.