You shut down the kitchen light and pad back through to the couch, reclaiming your own dinner, and after a little while Sollux clambers up to sit in a very neat self-contained bundle wrapped around his bowl, eating cereal as if it’s the best fucking thing he’s ever tasted.

More UFUT Trollssss. Sollux and his Sugary Sugar-coated Sugar Bombs (now with marshmallows.)

I’m hesitant to tag this UFUT, considering she won’t ever canonically be in the story. But since we’re building tent cities on tent cities in tent cities…

Vriska was bought as a blueblooded wriggler from fine pedigree, only to be put into the underground trollfighting arena. She was a champ, but lost her eye and a good chunk of her tail in the ring. She walks with a limp and never learned to read, though she pretends to for superiority. After the ring was busted, she was taken in as evidence. Most trolls are adopted out, but she had become vicious and feral, and had to go to someone kind and experienced with nursing Trolls back to health. She’s in recovery, but still doesn’t play well with others.

(in my head it’s John that took her in)

(help I’m stupid.)