laughing at the idea of bro legally changing his name to bro and tossing the papers down on dave’s bed like “read ‘em and weep”

i’m really begging all my followers to watch samurai flamenco, almost all my friends have watched it and i have no one else to drag into Gay Superhero Hell with me


look at this boy and tell me you don’t want to watch 22 episodes of him doing inane tokusatsu bullshit while falling in love with another man

the idea of dave asking bro for romantic advice is the funniest thing because bro would without a doubt give him the worst advice on the planet

whether he’s trying to be genuinely helpful or trying to fuck dave over

he is not the man to go to

i’m upset because i don’t think jake wanted him and dirk to be over i think he just wanted some time alone to think about what was good for him and now all this shit is happening and jake never even got to say his piece

like obviously he was thinking about whether or not he should break up with dirk and he was unhappy with the state of affairs but now i’m like gurgles

it hasn’t been that long since the trickster shit and so much has happened and if brain ghost dirk is a separate entity from real dirk that has been influenced by jake’s desires then i have a problem and it is dirkjake

when homestuck is over i hope andrew hussie invests all his money into making a show about an exceedingly normal sitcom family plus equius

like the son is all, “equius, can you get me a glass of milk?”

and equius breathes heavily and whispers “could you… say it more firmly”

and the canned laughter plays and the son is like OH EQUIUS!

i’ve been checking the tags on reblogs of the wedding card set and it seems like people are still reluctant to believe that masayoshi and goto are canon

but y’all

we got a 22 episode anime with the actual real objective subplot being an emotionally stunted but well-intentioned young man learning what love is, culminating in a marriage proposal and declaration of love to his best friend who gave up on his girlfriend delusion of seven years exclusively for aforementioned emotionally stunted young man because he has spent the past year and a half realizing that life is worth living after all

after which they moved in together, goto said to masayoshi “[between you and my girlfriend], i love you more,” and now there is art of them in wedding gear with fond dialogue that is almost directly quoted from the scene where masayoshi initially proposed

you really


really cannot no homo this one

CEB: what’s a quadrant? how many do you have?
CTG: john god dammit stop embarrassing us

i typed up like an essay on this line here about the way john works with regards to his intelligence but i deleted it so i’ll paraphrase it

speaking in solely academic terms, it’s likely that he’s a bad student—he’s slow to pick up on new things, he’s gullible, and this line gives us a pretty good idea of john’s general “knowledge”

and he thinks he’s dumb for it? we’ve seen john’s inferiority complex crop up every now and then; he’s very aware that he comes across as stupid and is sensitive about it when he thinks to be sensitive about it, but the thing is—

he’s not stupid! he has this impressive capacity for trivia and miscellany, he’s got musical talent, and he is honestly a clever kid when it comes to the way people work when he’s given time to work through it on his own

but the problem is he’s not fast about the way he thinks and the things he is already deeply knowledgeable about (magic, movies, supernatural lore) aren’t given any real weight as being academically valuable (they’re pretty abstract, unlike computer programming, which he’s interested in but bad at), so when you combine his “expertise” with what he doesn’t know and the way he approaches new things (he’s very trial-and-error on his own, and with someone else, he just goes along with what they tell him) he comes across as a stupid stupid dumb kid

and he is so acutely aware of it that it’s honestly really sad to see the way he treats himself

basically, i want more fandom love for john because his problems are so fucking relatable

i’ve only seen people preemptively worrying but if people for real think that john is homophobic for being grossed out at a dude literally making out with a decapitated head

come on

(oh my god i typed way more than i intended to type)

i feel like a lot of the people who say that johndave is boring are probably not looking very hard at the two characters? like, granted, yeah, probably 99% of the fanworks focus on them being best friends because that is the most visible appeal of the ship but like

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my professor told us today that he’ll let us use notes and the internet on all our exams, because in the real world we aren’t forced to solve problems in a box or without consultation and that grading solely on memorization was unfair to our education……… i was blown away

mineral miracle muse

  • they’re an idol group
  • they’re magical girls
  • at least two of them are polyamorous
  • one is bisexual
  • one is a lesbian
  • image

  • watch samurai flamenco