This is a handmade package for the AKW | “To Be Alive EP”

Each package contains a portion of the poem “To Be Alive” which was the inspiration for the EP.

Each piece has a number on it. If you purchase this package, you must agree, upon receipt, to taking a photograph of your piece and uploading it to “Pieces of a Whole”.
here: Pieces of a Whole

These will all come together, in order, on the site.

We will have created something together.

Thank you to Pavonine for all their hard work.
Follow them here: pavoninepackaging

All photographs by Devin Graf.
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(only 20 available)


Here’s some images of the first run of physical copies of Mention.

Custom CDs made by Pavonine Packaging from the design by Alexis Gallo.

You can pre-order these through these links:

Or come get one at our release show, 5/16 at Aviv in Brooklyn with Vasudeva, Slim Charles, Zula, and Nonsense. 

What Do We Get From Latin?: Pavonine


  1. Adj, resembling the colors of the feathers of a peacock

Pronunciation: pah-voh-nahyn

Origin: Latin,

  • Noun, pavo, pavonis - peacock

Example: The artist’s use of different colors created a pavonine effect in the painting.

shadowchildkaito asked:


Send me “alt!” and I’ll introduce you to a character I’ve rped in the past, want to play in the future or are currently playing somewhere else!

For a very brief time, I was into the pony scene (yes, it’s true), and I had a blog for and RPed as Pavonine, the Changeling Prince, an OC bent on the destruction of Queen Chrysalis due to some differeng opinions in managerial approaches. He was creepy and lived in the abandoned mines under Canterlot and kidnapped people to be his minions. 

Seriously demented, and so, so fun. I loved this Pav. If only I weren’t so scared of the current state of the fandom… 

all gods must serve | [pavonine.]

I take pleasure in enjoying these simple things that have come to represent vacations at the way station – Susannah’s cheer, carpeted floors and myriad pillows, not sleeping alone, car rides, gigantic department stores with kitschy treasures to be amazed by, oatmeal with dinosaur eggs that hatch as it is made. Childlike pleasures for the child god.

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