“Different style fun”

My fun little project is complete. I decided to draw in different styles of some of my favorite artists, who are also eddheads. But the last two are animators. This was fun. I hope I got some right. 

First style: Mine

Second style: Tomee . Her artblog

Third style: Nerdy

Fourth style: Asagi

Fifth style: Paul (check out his original work too :D)

Sixth style: Edd! ★

For the ones I asked to draw in your style, thanks guys, you guys are awesome. :’)


A tribute to Escher and his piece Relativity. I roughly traced the background as a sketch but when I did the lineart I only followed my sketch and a reference picture which is why the stairs are so wonky sometimes haha.

Cameoing Bumming Crew, Pat and Nik from I AM PRIKLE Comics, Zach Hadel, Steph Farrow, Paul ter Voorde and Oldroots.



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