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I started watching this like a couple of days ago but I didn’t actually watched it like seriously so awhile ago I saw this movie on ETC (morning) before lunch so I’ve watched it and it was really a nice movie, PAUL RUST is so funny and really in love with “BETH COOPER” (Hayden) Hahahaha Yeah right. So it made me cry alot ‘coz the story is about a nerd/geek that was in love w/ some popular cheer leader girl that has a boyfriend who attends military army etc. Well you can’t really imagine some popular would date some nerd guy but this is true love dude. Sorry but they are such a cute couple :-) For me, I don’t need hot guys like seriously ‘coz even nerds can be hotter than them! #ILOVEYOU,BETHCOOPER

#Netflix And @JuddApatow Bringing You LOVE With @GillianJacobs And @paulrust

#Netflix And @JuddApatow Bringing You LOVE With @GillianJacobs And @paulrust

I’m glad the beautiful Gillian Jacobs (‘Choke’, ‘The Big Ask’) is going to do ok beyond ‘Community’.
Via Hitfix, Netflix has put two-season commitment to a new half-hour comedy, LOVE, created and produced by Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin and Paul Rust who’ll also star in this show which will have its 10-episode season 1 premiering on Netflix in 2016 and then 12-episode season 2 premiering in 2017

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