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The first of several Warren Ellis comics which will be appearing in this .. list/whatever this thing is that i am doing.
For years i’ve said that The Authority are my 2nd fave comic book team of all time (Thunderbolts/Normanbolts is #1). Well today i have decided to upgrade them to the top spot… sorry Normanbolts. T_T

Many moons ago Warren Ellis took over writing on Stormwatch.
He created some characters.
Killed most of the existing characters.
Then he created The Authority from the ruins of Stormwatch.

Unlike The Avengers, The Authority don’t hide their body count. They have absolutely zero qualms about beating you to death with the torn off limbs of your comrades.

“In 1999, Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch created the Authority, a team of superheroes who got the job done by any means necessary. The original line-up consisted of Jenny Sparks, a British woman who could generate and turn into electricity; Jack Hawksmoor, who was psychically bonded to cities in order to communicate with them and receive powers from them; Swift, a Tibetan woman who possessed wings and sharp talons; Apollo, a bio-engineered Superman pastiche; Midnighter, a bio-engineered Batman pastiche who possessed the ability to foresee his opponents’ moves in combat; The Engineer, a scientist who had replaced her blood with nine pints of nanotechnology and could create solid objects with it; and The Doctor, a Dutch drug addict and shaman who possessed the combined powers of the hundreds of shamans who came before him.”

Of the seven members of the original team i’d say 4 are in my top 20 comic book characters of all time (Midnighter, Jenny Sparks, Jack Hawksmoor and Apollo).

Midnighter and Apollo are an actual canon gay married couple. They are canon SUPERHUSBANDS!
Ya know.. just mentioning that because i know some of you would read it just because of that.

But yeah.. Ellis only wrote the first 12 issues and they are absolutely bloody fantastic.
The first villain they face is an Asian warlord who has an army of supersoldiers.
The big bad of the 2nd arc is an alternate universe known as Sliding Albion. Aliens and humans made contact in the 16th century and now they’re all inbred and they’re all very royal and british and stuff.
In the final arc of Ellis’s run the gang take on what is essentially God.

You can stop reading here.. because it never gets any better and only slowly gets worse.
Mark Millar’s run was good. That’ll be getting spotlighted at some point down the line.

I also did a fancast

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