(Added: Abbie Hoffman and Paul Goodman quoted on the topic, 1968 and 1967 respectively)

Noam Chomsky speaks of a particularly insidious type of Repressive Desublimation used to dissuade you, with neutered ‘participatory democracy’, from hanging the pre-selected media-preened ‘political elite’ masters you choose from every four year, from Washington, D.C. lamp posts.

Bottom image: Abbie Hoffman writes in Paul Krassner’s Realist #76 August 1967 issue published in January 1968, which included the seminal article by Abbie from which Yippie! evolved…

Then there’s this psycho-emotional breakthrough from Paul Goodman, the founding father of Gestalt Therapy, saying it much more eloquently, speaking by invitation to the National Security Industrial Association —a consortium of arms manufacturers at the October 1967 “Research and Development in the 1970s.” symposium, Washington DC:

“You are the military industrial [complex] of the United States, the most dangerous body of men at present in the world, for you not only implement our disastrous policies but are an overwhelming lobby for them, and you expand and rigidify the wrong use of brains, resources, and labor so that change becomes difficult.”

(He continued as the audience sat in stunned silence.)

“The best service you people could perform is rather rapidly to phase yourselves out, passing on your relevant knowledge to people better qualified, or reorganizing yourselves with entirely different sponsors and commitments, so that you learn to think and feel in a different way.

Since you are most of the R&D [research and development] that there is, we cannot do without you as people, but we cannot do with you as you are.”

(laughter and booing along with scattered applause)

“but we believe, however, that that way of life is unnecessary, ugly, and un-American.”

(Shouts from the audience: “Who are ‘we’?”)

“We are I and those people outside —we cannot condone your present operations; they should be wiped off the slate.”

Source: Casey Nelson Blake, “Paul Goodman: Anarchist and Patriot" (PDF,109kb, 14pg)

See the Wikipedia entry for “Repressive Desublimation”. Yes… You ARE a victim of that repression no matter WHAT you think if you live in Western society, or any society where mass media exists and/or consumerism has taken hold.

Herbert Marcuse, the person who coined that phrase expounds in this paper taken from his mainstream marxist despised work “One-Dimensional Man”. The complete book is available to read online

H/t: BootyReGrit’s Chronicle of Fuckedupedness for the inspiration
Wilson once described his writings as ‘intellectual comedy.’ He told an Internet database, Contemporary Authors: ‘If my books do what I intend, they should leave the reader feeling that the universe is capable of doing something totally shocking and unexpected in the next five minutes. I am trying to show that life without certainty can be exhilarating, liberating, a great adventure.’ He called his philosophy ‘Maybe Logic.’

3 typically atypical covers of Larry Flynt’s Hustler magazine during the inspired but brief reign of artist/satirist Paul Krassner as publisher. Remember, this magazine was sold mostly from behind the counter of convenience stores and had heretofore the sole utility of giving men inspiration for masturbation.

From the collection of my fine friend, Ms. Durrie Parks, who appreciated them enough even at the time to ferret them away for safekeeping.

We originally became friends in 1959, when his first published article graced the cover of The Realist. It was titled “The Semantics of God,” and he suggested that “The Believer had better face himself and ask squarely: Do I literally believe that ‘God’ has a penis? If the answer is no, then it seems only logical to drop the ridiculous practice of referring to ‘God’ as ‘he.’” Wilson then began writing a regular column, “Negative Thinking.”

November 18th marked the 33rd anniversary of the Jonestown massacre. Paul Krassner recounts some of the dark history of Jim Jones and his movement — much of it little-known and some of it involving San Francisco politics — and the horrific story of the killing of Congressman Ryan and the mass suicide that followed, including dialogue from audio recordings of the event.


Here’s my three pager from the recent BLACK EYE 2 collection of black humor featuring comics, art and writing; edited by Ryan Standfest with contributions from contemporary American cartoonists I hold in much esteem like Julia Gfrorer and Max Clotfelter, with writing by Bob Levin, Paul Krassner and Michael O’Donoghue, an insert tribute to the influential 19th century Mexican cartoonist, Posada (whom I became aware of only a couple of years back researching a project on Orozco), and “Four Pictures” by filmmaker/artist David Lynch, with text, that act as a type of cartooning.  But really there’s too much good stuff to take time to point out all of its charms…a solid collection, regardless of my contribution (note: I paid cash money for my copy of the first edition of BLACK EYE which did not have my art in it, so it ain’t just navel-gazing hype on my part for what Standfest puts down), with a distinct international flavor, like some serious (but not self-serious) visual arts journal from another era, but utterly contemporary.  But don’t take my word for it, go check out BLACK EYE 2 at Rotland Press HERE.

Riffing on the tropes of romance genre comics placed in the early stages of a Fukushima inspired mass extinction event, I wanted to achieve a cacophony of narcissistic wails of love-life misdirected morbid self-attention even in the End Times.  I collaborated with editor Standfest to get the next-to-last panel of the third page to hit the notes that he thought it should hit, a process I enjoyed, as I rarely engage in much editorial back-and-forth. So here, just as a bit of a process meditation, I’ve included the first two takes on the panel that led to the third variation which you see on the complete third page.  And, also, the opening text/logo appears in print without the cross hatching and supplemental text, just the bare “Fukushima Love” logo, which was another editorial decision.  I was happy for the editorial back-and-forth; on its own level, made me think fondly of the Kurtzman/Wood/Elder collaborations.  Wish I had more of that process when it comes to making comics, in general.  But you can see the process here, and I encourage everybody to seek out the the print version as a final version, which on the paper stock and the printing process, has its own character apart from these raw scans.

So in the spirit of giving to get with this “dvd special feature” version of my piece, it is now your burden, dear reader, to go purchase the real “theatrical version” in print, along with all the other dark/funny/not funny material in BLACK EYE 2!  It’s available for purchase on the internets and in yer finer comics shops/book stores.  Ask for BLACK EYE by name, and hope you don’t get punched (unless you’re, like, into that).

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WTF with Marc Maron - Paul Krassner Interview

The Tea Party is a bizarre amalgam of independents, conservatives and libertarians who have surgically excised the social issues from the table, and the people in those crowds have diverse opinions on all the things you mentioned. I happen to be pro-marijuana, certainly marijuana decriminalization, but I’m not asserting myself and my social views in this current environment. If you can’t see and if the media don’t want to see that the Tea Party is about financial restraint and has nothing to do with social issues—­nothing, nothing, nothing—to the consternation of the social conservatives. I’ve had rifts and schisms with social conservatives over my stances on these issues. They can call me a libertarian if they want. I don’t care what labels they call me. But the Tea Party is abused by the mainstream media, which misinform the public of what their rights are. Their rights are specific to the expansion of government and the inability to rein in budgets. And by spending money on things that don’t work, we’re putting our children in economic peril, period. It has nothing to do with marijuana, it has nothing to do with abortion, it has nothing to do with gay marriage. There are gay people in the Tea Party. There are people of all different social stripes within the Tea Party who have a singular focus on restraining government debt and applying constitutional principles.

Andrew Breitbart, lying through his teeth again in a conversation with Paul Krassner, because after this assertion that the Tea Party has excised social conservatism, he goes on to call Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Allen West, and Rick Perry as “either sort of in the Tea Party sphere or the more independent sphere of the conservative movement.” Bullshit, those people aren’t concerned with social conservative issues.

Breitbart also gets riled up about black people being able to say shit white people can’t under a cockammie theory that the oppressed always get to talk shit about oppressors. Well, yeah, they do — because for the most part, white people, via the institutions built up over hundreds of years, are still fucking oppressing them. It’s just less obvious. You can’t eliminate a 400-year head start in 50 years and call it even.

Krassner does a terrible job of actually challenging Breitbart, but it’s interesting that the one time he does (on Justice Clarence Thomas’ uber-conservative voting record on the Supreme Court), Breitbart says, “I’m not able to answer this because you are coming to me armed with data, and I don’t have the ability to see whether there is a rational argument to defend it or not.”

Krassner vs Breitbart :

paul krassner is such a great influence, on myself and so many others and probably you, you just don’t know it… that’s how far his influence reaches.

here’s what he said about our new book:

“A bittersweet slice of countercultural anthropology, in the tradition

of Studs Terkel, bursting with flavor to savor.”

~Paul Krassner

I’m working on another project I’ll release real soon… it’s about art and the what that means and the underground and what that is. paul is involved in that too.