When Harley Quinn first appeared on Batman: The Animated Series, she came complete with an over-the-top cartoony voice that was just this side of maddening. This was no coincidence. The voice, provided by actress Arleen Sorkin, was a pretty important part of Harley since Harley herself was inspired by Arleen Sorkin, and specifically this scene from the soap opera Days Of Our Lives.

Isn’t that ridiculous? It is. From that one appearance as a really off-putting clown, Paul Dini created another really off-putting clown to assist a third off-putting clown in his campaign of mayhem in Gotham City, and thus Harley Quinn came to be.

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“We wanted this as our first prime time show, and Fox was going to run it. Then a Fox executive saw it and said what the hell is this? Batman’s not in this episode. He’s only in it at the end? The whole episode is two girls running around in their underwear. There’s no boy appeal here. I said, well, maybe not any boys you know.”–Paul Dini

New article in response to the lates reveal by Paul Dini on why marketing execs don’t want girls in their audiences for super hero shows.
Sounds horrible right? People are shocked! Yeah, well, it’s worse then you think. 

I explore the reasoning, that drive execs and marketers to pro-actively exclude women from their audiences and to pro-actively encourage a culture in which women do not feel welcome.

This is why we can’t have nice things… or can we?

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Want to listen to something that will piss you off?

First off, if you’re not a listener of Fatman on Batman you should be.

Now, download this episode.  (Released this week; it was recorded in early November.)

Take it up to the 21:00 mark to hear Kevin Smith to gush on Beware the Batman for almost twenty minutes.  If you want to skip that, it’s OK.  Start at 39:00 and listen to Paul Dini kill his dreams at 39:30.

Of course, you already know that Beware the Batman was pulled from the schedule, so why should this enrage you all over again?

You must listen to the following ten-ish minutes.

Dini describes the thinking of Cartoon Network execs … and it goes beyond the $imple $elling of toy$.  It almost sounds like misogyny.

Listen to it.


Never seen before footage! The BTAS Intro without its classic soundtrack, but filled with never-heard-before full sound effects.


In Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Harley Quinn was originally intended to be killed during the events of the film’s flashback sequence. Unhappy with the prospect of killing off one of his most beloved and important contributions to the Batman universe, Paul Dini instead chose to include a scene revealing an elderly Harley to be the grandmother of the criminal duo The Dee Dee Twins.