Now that are drummer is home from tour we hope to see your faces at these awesome shows coming up. These will be our first shows of 2013 and they will be filled with new material, news, and good times so please spread the word!

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The Minimalist.

Let me start this from when the haze lifts. The fist thing I remember is July, terrified of May. One born of twins and the other of venom. The stars tried to warn us darling.

Can’t you read between the lines? Not everything is black and white but you can’t mistake wrong for right. It doesn’t work that way.

Fast forward to February revealing regret of October. The seed has been planted and his rays of affection have become clouded. Life has a this tiring habbit of finding a way.

Can’t you read between the lines? Not everything is black and white but you can’t mistake wrong for right. It doesn’t always work that way.

The present consists of an influence induced atrocity dealing conversation with my escape. He is vile and malicious. He is a liar and a thief. I never wanted to come here. He won’t let us leave.

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The Alchemist.

The damage is done, so I beg, leave this place. Please go and understand I’ve only wanted what’s in your best interest.

I will take these twists and spool them to gold. Turning loss into art is the only thing I know to do with tragedy. Still, words cannot describe the burden of knowing you are the last branch on your family’s tree with the strength to weather the winds. A divine sarcasm granting sterility to the last blossom of this dying vessel. Oh what cruel fate. What cruel irony.

This snake abandoned his captive tastes and instead left an instrument of fate to dwell in her nest.

Keeping me awake are late night phobias about early morning. But now I know I’m not divine and it may have saved my life. You ended your session with colorful dialogue and distasteful opinions of distance and time. These objects hold no more value than you give them, but your words are so heavy. Rest assured your visions are for naught.

The Arsonist.

I should have ran at the smell of smoke. I should have left town at the sign of discontent. I should have fled when I saw the water rising but it was far to late.

I am still having trouble with this plot. The scene starts with the promise of faith and ends with my head in my hands. I just need a gentle transition. Now I’m shaking, stuttering, and struggling to put down the phone. These rings, they echo.

“I’m going to have to ask you to calm down and focus.” We are going nowhere. All I am asking is why? “We can’t always know why or how, we can only mend.” I call your bluff. If starting over is the final chapter then my tale ends here:

Boy loves girl.
Girl hurts boy.
Boy becomes monster.

Monsters have no diagnosis. Monsters have no cure. Scene.

"I have lost all sight of rescue ships, and this struggle is growing harder with each crest, but I will press on." Patterns - "The Perfectionist."

Keep your chin up. Know that if you ever need someone my voice will always be yours. You will make it through this.