Flourescents mixed with pastels are a real trend this season and these certainly caught our eye as great colour reference. Elyse Graham, an artist and jewellery designer works from her studio in Los Angeles and has created these wonderful synthetic versions of natural crystals. Layers of colourful balloons are built producing these surprising organic shapes and creating wonderful marbled stripe effects. Graham is fascinated by the notion that seemingly ordinary objects have the possibility of harbouring something unexpected and beautiful. See more of her creations at

We can’t tell you much about Miroco Machiko apart from her being a very talented Japanese artist and illustrator. Nevertheless we just love her charming take on flora in these beautiful paintings. Her use of colour is just stunning and there’s even more delights on her website of a whole menagerie of whimsical animals to admire. Maybe she could design a range of prints based on these paintings, we’re sure they’d be snapped up.

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An incredible collection of stamps from places such as Uruguay, Gemany, Ireland, Korea, New Zealand, Iran and Brazil has been curated by Karen Horton. We love the colours, textures, type and diverse cultural references of these tiny marvels. Particular favourites are the top pink one from the Ryukyu Islands c.1970, celebrating the “New Year” and the second one down from France: Year of the Child c.1979, in commemoration of the International Year of the Child; Design by Odette Baillais. Check out her beautiful collection on her Flickr page. 

Loving these ethereal works by Karborn who is based in London, describing himself on his website - “A prototype young artist of the future-technoid, paradisiacal, neuromantic - an integration of intelligence and an instinctive engagement with visual arts, music, film and machines -€“ informed by his vision of the clarity, beauty and geometry of the real world”. We can’t argue with that - check out more of his beautiful work on his Website.

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