Here is a crop of another piece I did for the #lightgreyartlab #Iceland Residency exhibition! I decided to make a pair of patterns about the Icelandic foliage and how lush it is. This one is a drawing of what I think of when I think of the month of August there– bright greens, a mixture of different plants and mosses together. Take a look at the LGAL shop to see the full piece here:

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“Marley” and “Gandhi” - huffingtonpost kindly called them “The Most Psychedelic Portraits We’ve Ever Seen!” 😊  Next Wed & Thu, May 27 & 28, I’ll be showing them for the first time at PopUp Gallery NYC in East Village. 😎 Come say hello! 189 East 3rd St. between ave A/B



Llew Mejia grew up traveling between Mexico and the Southwestern United States. Naturally these two cultures had their effect on the illustrator and designer. Mejia says, “I saw a lot of Mexican folk artisans growing up and always admired their work ethic and master brush control.” Though the illustrator’s inspiration is not limited to these two countries. He is influenced by the world and says, “I take what I like and add it to my visual library.” This ‘library’ includes books on magic and the supernatural, in addition to scientific specimens.

Oddly enough, Mejia first went to school to become a plastic surgeon. “Which is hilarious,” he says “because I’m the polar opposite of that now. I guess they both work with their hands in a meticulous way?” I think the message here is not to be afraid of changing your path completely because the result can be quite beautiful.

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