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Shimmering Madness, 1998. By Sandy Skoglund.

There’s something about this one that makes me feel nostalgic. It reminds me of times when I was younger I’d grab cereal for breakfast and stare at the back of the box while I finished my bowl. Some backs of cereal boxes had patterns you stared at cross-eyed super close and then moved away from slowly to see a 3-D image pop out at you.


The Photographer’s Gallery

Today, I visited The Photographer’s Gallery in Central London and had a look around The Chinese Photobook exhibition. I was at the gallery to visit the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize exhibition but visited this exhibition whilst I was there. There were lots of fanzine style photobooks and I a few ideas about how I could display my fanzine. 

I loved seeing the concertina style books as this is something that I’ve thought a lot about during this project and I think it is a fun and unusual way to display photographs in a book. I liked the way that some of the concertina books in this exhibition came in a small box rather than a booklet. The images were also displayed on coloured pages which is also something I’ve been thinking about. I think it works really well with the patterned box. 

There was a book that opened out landscape orientation rather than the traditional portrait style book. Again, this is something I’d thought of before as you can see from my sketches in one of my previous posts. This would work very well for landscape photography. 

There were a row of paper booklet/fanzines that were similar in page numbers to what I will be creating, they were also around A5 in size which is the same as the mock up I made recently. These presented good use of text and image layout along with some of the design requirements from my brief; double page bleed, single page bleed and there were some with text over the image (although not pictured). 

Overall, the exhibition was inspiring in terms of the fanzine layout and design and I enjoyed looking at how the whole exhibition was presented. 

From @birchbox - Using the #Birchbox box pattern I designed as inspiration for some hand-painted nail art. I painted the florals with gouache paint on top of @essiepolish in “stylenomics.” — @annariflebond @riflepaperco #RiflePaperXBirchbox
Pics are from Birchbox

Vintage Advertising Box Large Wood Box Calvert Tailored Clothing Display Box Salesman Sample Box Vintage Fashion Wood Box Sewing Pattern Box by lookwhatifound
Price:348.00 USD
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Free vector Vector Dynamic Technology Box Pattern 03 Background Vector Art

New Free vector on

Vector Dynamic Technology Box Pattern 03 Background Vector Art

Freebies vector Dynamic Technology Box Pattern 03 Background Vector Art – Zip vector file 0.59 MB Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS) format. Vector Throat, Branch, Wang, Box, Grasshopper, Pattern, Flow, Lines. Use as an idea for greeting card making, customized tshirts design or as building blocks for artwork projects, graphic wallpaper illustration or banner design inspiration.


PROJECT TWO | Eco-Friendly packaging 

Logo and Visual Design Development | Turkish Culture

The object that will be packaged are Turkish tea cups. The phrase “yudum” means “to sip” in the turkish language, so I wanted to use that as my logo. Drinking tea is a huge part of daily turkish social culture and hospitality so I also like the action of sipping to encourage one to enjoy and slow down the day for a moment of enjoyment. 

The medallion is something I have designed to reflect traditional turkish tiles, and it will be something that is repeated in my pattern design for the box. The elements will be scanned and will be replicated to make a final symmetrical design. 

Naff phone photo, but I fended off my afternoon/evening of ills by binge watching Monsters & Mysteries and making these tiddly totoros. SO SMALLLLL!
Conviniently patterned tissue box ftw.

A very nice pattern. I like the illustrations, looks like a fashion advertisement. May be used in a different ways, even as a pattern of a box.