sketches from the livestream! it was a fun one too, and it got sort of silly at the end, ahhaa ;;; (it’ll get its own post, Moosey c;)

so heeere’s

EriKar for TomboyishCanid

Solrezi for Patsusenpai

Dead Aradia and Davekat for That0ne0verThere

John for Surreal Gamer (I didn’t get your url :c)

Mrs. Mouseling and Polly for fbc1

thanks for coming, everyone!


 patsusenpai replied to your post: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bored as all hell so um …

Sollux and Roxy, Hack

"You seem pretty damn formidable, ‘Tholluckth’, but I bet a hundred fuckin’ bucks you can’t hack into my computer and find this document I typed up for you," she snickers through the webcam, and he rolls his bi-colored eyes at her as he starts the procedure to get into her computer and find said file like this was a fucking treasure hunt.

After what seems like a couple minutes of effortless typing and drunken taunting from her part, he breaks in, pulls up the document, and adjusts his glasses to take a good look, but when he does, he feels his cheeks brighten a bit in embarrassment.

She snorts a “like what you see?” as he tries to scoop his jaw off the tabletop and exes out of the file before the image of her in a most…compromising gesture would be seen by anyone else who might pass by his room.

pheryx asked:

If your are still up for it. Solrezi running a pretend court?

The prosecution sits at the stand as the judge watches him through her red glasses with a big, sharp grin plastered all over her face; in the jury seats, a gangly troll stands up among the rest of the jury members, which consisted of other scalemates of various hues.

"What’s the verdict?" she cackles, as if she doesn’t know, and if she didn’t know any better, she could swear she hears the prosecution tremble and sweat in his seat.

He clears his throat, adjusts his glasses, and announces through a heavy lisp, “Guilty of all chargeth,” and with that, she bangs her gavel down and prepares the noose, calling out to him, “Prepare the window, Sollux, it’s time to take out the trash.”

pheryx asked:

Sollux and Roxy

i dunno about you, but i always listen to Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler’s Water Apocalypse when i’m drawing them

it’s just

so techno and shit i imagine the both of them just going beserk with some sorta music mixer thing on their laptops and making cray-cray rodeo songs together

uh yeah

pheryx asked:

2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 20, 27, 28. <3

2: Your Patron Troll?

)(ee-)(ee! 38)

4: Favorite Music Track?

Do You Remem8er Me by a long shot.


5: Favorite Flash?

[S] Jade: Enter  c:

6: Favorite Kid (Beta & Alpha)

Um…Overall favorite kid is Jade, but my favorite Alpha kid is Jake~

7: Favorite Troll

Eridan. (is this really a question)

12: Prospit or Derse?

Derse all the way vuv

13: Midnight Crew or Felt?

I’m a member of the Midnight Crew ovo

20: (Got any) Fanfiction?

…I don’t really write. ovo;; I edit my friend’s Humanstuck fic Collegebound! My favorite fics are by Roachpatrol, and are both pretty smutty ;;;;;;

27: Most favorite thing about Homestuck (in general)

I answered this before, but the artistic creativity I’ve seen by all the Homestuck artists. ovo

28: Least favorite character

Answered this before too, and sadly, the Striders vnv