Some things that irritate me...

The fact that the main populus thinks that pentagrams are evil or Satanic. They’re not… They are a Pagab symbol that represents the wheel of the year and life. Also, a red, inverted pentagram is the symbol for fire and protection. The Satanic church uses the same symbol for the church, but it didn’t start out as Satanic symbolism. Not all pentagram wearers are Satanic AT ALL.

It also urks me that people still think Satanism is evil. No, not necessicarily! There’s non-theistic, and that’s where you are your own god. You govern yourself. Thiestic is when Satan or Lucifer is worshipped. The rules tell one to not harm one another, unless they harm you and loved ones. Than, destroy! This doesn’t mean to kill. It’s more like kicking their ass into oblivion, humiliation… Breaking someone. They’re NOT actually supposed to do human sacrifices to my knowledge either, and do not hurt animals and children.
Also, Baphomet isn’t evil either. Again, it’s a Pagan symbol to represent man, beast, male and female… Life.
Inverted crosses… nope NOT EVIL OR SATANIC! It’s the Patron Cross of St. Peter, whom was crucified upside down because he didn’t feel worthy to die the same way Christ did. He requested to be killed that way out of honor to Jesus.