massive promo tonight because 12th doctor man
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  • mbf me or the 12th doctor will be adolf hitler
  • reblog or see above
  • i’ll do them in lists of 12 with 12 solos cause guess why
  • you have until 2am when i find out who it is
  • nighty night!!
post-straya day promo!
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i love these people more than life

arthurrdarvill - Anni is my name twin and she’s puuurfect in every way possible

quarterquills - Anarah amirite? Also she’s so amazeballs I cry every day

jaseherondale - Idk sometimes sharna’s really nice to me but sometimes she isn’t I get confused but her blog is 50 shades of great

pondstory - Valerie’s blog is just so perfect we don’t really talk much tho which kinda SUCKS

huntinghorcruxes - Eileen’s blog is just fab and she’s so super nice and yah

equinnox - Omfg Emma has such a floorless blog I mean seriously just look at it and gaze in wonder

quidditchquills - Wailani’s blog is so amazing and she says I’ll overtake her but I never will

However you shouldn't follow Annabel cause her blog sux and she’s really r00d to me