Drinking the Kool-aid

This post was inspired by Eric Durcholz aka Patricl John Coleman

Mr.Coleman is author, shaman, and psychic sometime this year was being accused of trying to start a cult. Here is what I have to say about this. We all come from people and places that don’t alway agree with what is be done by us or others. And we are conditioned to believe that things like magic, like psychics, mediums, shamans, and so forth are evil without the study or with out educating ourselves. The Gnostic practice of religious self education is very important here. When think that someone is giving you information that isn’t true please be smart enough to research it. Because that makes you all the wiser for looking for the truth. In the Bible its says that people who look for truth also look for salvation too. A TRUE teacher, and not someone who is teaching just to have people say “wow, you’re so smart”, is going to love that their student took the time to go out and double check what they’d been taught. And if you find your self in a debate with someone over the information and can’t come to an agreement then you agree to disagree and move on with your life. Don’t be a back biter telling lies about the person and saying how bad a teacher they are just because you didn’t agree with one thing they said.