Congratulations to the National Film Society as they join PBS!

Patrick Epino and Stephen Dypiangco making boss moves.

But seriously, has anybody given Patrick Epino my number yet? 


"I mean, you could probably fit three Filipinos on this particular couch."


You follow Stephen Dypiangco and Patrick Epino on JumpCam, but did you know they can wield film cameras even better than they do smartphones?


$4,000 for the entire education versus $40,000 a year for 3 years. Crazy.


"I’m wearing a traditional Filipino shirt from the 70’s."

Awesome Filipino Americans In Movies (by NationalFilmSociety)

Here is Part 2 of our Film Courage / HollyShorts Panel - YouTube Domination: How YouTubers Are Taking Over The Film World featuring Issa Rae (Awkward Black Girl), America Young (Comediva), Ryan Reyes (PimplyWimp), and Stephen Dypiangco & Patrick Epino (National Film Society).  We hope you can benefit from this video capture, we tried to grab what we could while also moderating the panel.  There was only one microphone so there are places where audio may be hard to understand.

(Watch the video here)


Is Becoming A Filmmaker A Good Idea? (by National Film Society)


Is Becoming a Filmmaker a Good Idea?


Awesome Asian Bad Guys rolling on KickStarter

First thing: I only recently got to find out about KickStarter and how it works. I really like the idea of artists not ΄begging΄ for funds but being given the opportunity to present their projects in public and raise money in a decent way!

Second thing: The above video was the first one to see on KickStarter and even if I didn’t like the concept (because I never felt sorry when Asian bad guys died in movies…!) I enjoyed the whole 2 minutes and 25 seconds because Stephen and Patrick seem to believe in this a lot! As I cannot help them by submitting any $$$ at the moment, I thought… why not raise some awareness for them through this post?! They deserve it!

By the way, nice T-Shirts guys!


Please join The National Film Society’s Kickstarter Campaign to raise $ for

Awesome Asian Bad Guys

An action/comedy series about two offbeat filmmakers, a volatile group of Asian bad guys & one impossible mission.


Cookie Monster spoofs Hollywood movies with his new production company Crumby Pictures!