Lewis Hamilton Is Under Fire For Spraying An F1 Hostess With Champagne

When I see that look on his face, my reaction is:

Hamilton, here’s your grade for “human being” - 

it is always imperative for all of us as people who are not trans women/girls to acknowledge that our relation to trans women and girls in a patriarchal society is that of an oppressor, even if we are trans or nonbinary. we need to stop pretending that cis people are the only ones who participate in this violence.

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i dunno the exact context but someone sent you a message saying feminism isn't about being critical of women's choices and that's kinda wrong? feminism isn't just "yay everyone is equal let's ignore how our choices affect other women" it's acknowledging that our choices, women's included, don't exist in a vacuum and can often be influenced by sexism...just because a woman is a feminist doesnt make her every action a feminist one.

Yeah, for example women talk smack about housewives for relying on their husband and being full time mothers for their children, but that’s not feminism. Some women choose to be that and it’s their wish, it’s not based on patriarchal values of the past, they just find happiness in being housewives and others should butt out with unwanted comments.

Ascension David deserts (monastery), pond by Andrey B. Barhatov on Flickr.

Pictured: General view of the monastery architectural ensemble - David Desert Monastery from the shore of the pond
Photo taken: 28 March 2015

Camera: Canon PRIMA BF-800 lens Canon 28/5,6
Film: Kodak 200 ISO / film expired for 5 years
This is a scan copy of the original film + easy fine-tuning the levels in Lightroom 5 (without color correction and no other changes)

Photo from a series: «Russian Orthodoxy».
Variations on a theme «…with a film across Russia»

Ascension David deserts - Monastery of the Moscow Patriarchate; Located on the right bank of the river Lopasnya (tributary. Oka) on the territory of the ancient parish Hatunskoy near the current village of New Life Chekhov, Moscow Region.

im so done with the fucked up, oppressive and patriarchal concept of virginity

like i genuinely do not understand. are you trying to assure the worth of your dowry?

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no we are one in the same. honestly i only just wanna talk about casca playing guitar with judeau in an au

basedguts Yeah. I mean, I probably have like, two topics that I can write a long and lengthy discussion about concerning Berserk and female representation  without having been incited by seeing some scathing sexist remarks from the fanbase, but if I don’t put it down to paper completely then someone else will. 

I guess this is all just a reaction from that confession I saw yesterday, which pushed me the wrong way. I mean, there is sexism present in the narrative’s perspective (the world of Berserk is patriarchal in essence), the author’s perspective (from his usage of common tropes more so), and the fanbase’s perspective (just - ugggggh). Again, these areas have been discussed repeatedly (at least from the perspective of a long-time fan) so at some point you either have to accept the presence of sexism in the story and the fanbase and maintain the audacity to carry on with the story (and putting up with the fanbase), or ignore/downplay everything and get huffy when other people point out something that you’re still in denial over. I personally am too attached to the story and the characters that Miura brought to life to back out of it now, so I obviously hold the guy in high regard that I haven’t done what some others have by dropping the story altogether (which I wouldn’t blame them for doing given the intensity of the story). 

Miura is a good storyteller; Miura is an awesome artist; Miura still falls into problematic traps; but Miura continuously evolves throughout the story, and I will maintain my faith in his storytelling and dedication to his work until further notice, despite how I’ve openly - and reasonably - critiqued his work.

Maybe this whole thing comes down to fans who believe that other fans who critique a work aren’t worthy enough to be fans because they don’t think everything is absolutely perfect about it, or maybe its that specific trigger that people think will sully the macho experience (the “F” word). There was one part of the confession that I can agree with to an extent, being that I hope Miura shifts gears towards Casca’s recovery soon. But contrary to what the OP said, the build up to that part of the story will have a lot to do with how Miura coordinates his representation of her in the past to how he portrays her in current and upcoming chapters (i.e. Casca being stuffed into the fridge and her treatment by other characters during that time). 

I’ve stated in the past that my analyzing Berserk from a feminist perspective helps to alleviate some of tension and stress that has built up from being so emotionally invested in this story and characters, since those analyses can’t do anything to change what has already occurred (and will most likely have no affect on Miura’s future plans, given that I’m a Western fan). So after everything has been said, all I can do is look toward the future of Berserk and prepare for unlimited satisfaction or extreme disappointment.

But until then, yeah we gon’ shit post about hating Griffith and Judeau throwing beach parties.

We can talk about Berserk and determinism and shit too, but no one seemed that interested when I tried to.

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I'm really enjoying you absolutely wrecking these bigots in your asks 👏🏼👏🏼

I like to wreck things. Bigots, patriarchal values, my own face. Whatever is convenient.

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Hi there, what's your view on feminism?

Feminism has its place, but… 

Today’s feminism is not really feminism so much as anti-Christian, Anti-male, and anti-Anyone who does not agree with their vaunted opinion. 

The Bible does not teach that women are second-class citizens, it teaches that in a patriarchal society, women were treated to some abominable situations and statuses. God, however, created woman as man’s helpmeet. Helpmeet, not a slave. Helpmeet means helper and can be used for a partner. Men and women become one flesh when they are married. That means more than a bed partner. 

God made man differently than He made women. We are not the same. We do not think in the same manner, we do not work out our problems in the same manner. Women’s bodies do not work in the same manner as men’s. Women are women, and men are men. We cannot be the same in every manner, and that is what modern feminism is seeking. 

I am all for equality in the workplace, women running for political office, and women sitting as judges. But I cannot stand behind a culture that wants women to vote for a woman based solely upon the genes that made her a woman. Nor can I stand behind a culture that dismisses genuine issues in the male half of our species, because they are not women. That teaches hate toward the male half of our species, that teaches hate toward women who see the wrong in modern feminism. 

People who think the right wing will die off with the baby boomer generation: you’re just fucking wrong. This is a timeless idea that every progressive generation of young people have wrongly clung to, and it’s a poor excuse to sit on your ass. Fascism and the right will continue to indoctrinate and intimidate the youth until their power and culture is destroyed. Organize against this violently racist, homophobic, elitist, patriarchal system and don’t let violent acts or words go unchecked!

I will kindly remind you guys that there is more black history than just ancient Egypt.

Hell, even the Egyptians learned everything they knew from the Hebrew patriarch Abraham (who was also a black man).


Pre-Islamic, even … pre-patriarchal Triple Goddess: al'Lat (Crown Goddess), al-Uzza (The Mighty) and Manat (Nemesis). This triple Goddess was the most important solar female deity in the Arab world, long before was born patriarchy. When born male deity cults, three goddesses became the daughters of Moon-god - Sin. The most sacred place (Sanctuary of al'Lat) was on east of Mecca/at Ta'if (Mecca at that time was just a bazaar). Symbol of the Triple-Goddess, which arabic tribes worshiped - was plain, black stone! But later cult of male god-Sin became overriding and after the birth of Islam, all the old symbols of the goddess were attributed to Allah. However…. Did you know that Great Goddess al-Lat was called in old times: al-lla-ha?? Is this a coincidence? I wonder … ;)