"Aaram se na…mujhe dard nahi hue aur meri choori bhi nahi toote"

"Haan haan,mera to roz ka kam hai na tumhein bed ke neeche se nikalna…jisme tumhari chooriyan bhi na tootein!"


Bought a new A5 Sketchbook and of course the fear and pressure that comes with it.

First mistake - Started in my head. I imagined that I would draw an epic cover followed by flawless interiors ;D 

Second mistake - Giving in to fear of failure.

Third mistake - Having my eraser present haha…. there was a lot of erasing going on.

Im guessing Im not the only one right? Well how does one solve this problematic and evil circle Sensei some of you might ask?

Solution: Take a pen, one that can´t be erased and doodle and destroy the cover(if possible) and some interior pages just to get in the right mindset.

I wrote a lot of words that I associate with art on my cover and let my white posca marker drip on it. buying a few more posca pens to add more color splashes to it. I don’t really feel that same pressure anymore :D

Conclusion and Life lesson:

A sketchbook is not a place where you should save all your best works, its the place where you should challenge yourself to draw that Car you never drew out of fear. Do studies of horse anatomy or something else way out of your comfort zone. Most likely you´ll fail, FAIL BIG, because you probably suck at it. However you should not fear failure. Failure is your friend and will help you develop. Also a sketchbook is a private place and you don’t really need to share or show it to anyone ;)

So my dear Tumblerites and other awesome people, go out and there and start failing :)

Please share this with other fellow artist so that may find use for this rant.

sat with the cousins and my uncle walked in and saw me (haven’t seen him since I went Falasteen) and the first thing he said ‘kikli patli taygay’ (how skinny have you become) skr fb ridheugebdhdhd vs kdjr I wish they could see what I see im not at all ive put on so much weight from every little thing I eat and ugh idk.

anonymous said:

i was under the impression 'dubli' means lean in hindi. i.e tum kitni dubli patli ho gayi kuch khaati naheen ho. :)

Omg really? I was so angry at that dude lol but this means he complimented me?
I think it’s a bad thing in Urdu though? Idk I’m not sure I thought it means dark skin color.


My friend prakashkc inspired me so much with his latest stippling illustration that I had to try it myself. I did an eye, and half a nose and lips with my micron(bottom image) and then I got the brilliant idea that I should color my latest piece haha… And I ruined the poor girls bazooka :( fortunately I did learn something at least. White paper gives a lot of contrast of course when using pure black, duh!! Brown paper in combination with the stabilo pen(pink) does not. Also the 0.4 nibs were a bit clumsy compared to the awesomeness of the micron 0.1

Next time I will not fail as grandly :D