Right now the world is changing - sadly many are negative such as: the terrorgroup ISIS, the war in Syria and Ukraine.
And I want to focus on a small crisis amidst the IS-Threat:

A friend of mine - Mustafa - developed cancer and is currently fighting it with all his strength! The problem is that in Iraq the medical field is so under-developed that there is no help for him in this country! As a friend and an Iraqi I know how important lives are and this is why I don’t want to loose my dear friend!
The mother (father died) could pay an operation in Jordan, but they got scammed which led him to breakdown 2 months later - the cancer is growing and there is no help because of the DEBTS this family has to endure!

I mean is that the work of a professional???

The doctor literally slashed him open and closed it without helping them somehow!!! I AM SO ANGRY AND SAD, I can’t believe THAT happend!

Thats why I want to help this family, they need every little penny they get! Please, reblog this so that everybody can help us!!!
I would be so happy to see my friend alive!

reblog and donate please, you are his only help

That’s him a a year ago and him after the “operation”

SIGNAL BOOST this please..

“It always makes me a little sad when people say that the Cinderella is lame or anti-feminist. Choosing to be kind, domestic, friendly, patient, and above all loving, seems very feminist to me! I watched Cinderella almost every day growing up, and I still try to model her patience, nerve, and resolve as a young adult.”

Another rare patient

We have admitted a second dormouse! She was picked up by a cat and rescued by Dave Williams from the Surrey Dormouse Group. Dave will give us special boxes for the dormice, to put in their tanks. They will have time to get used to it, before being released in it, in due course, this spring.