i always thought that success in life was measurable by the amount of people you had available to have sex with, and now i don’t have anyone to have sex with and i feel like a complete loser

Do you ever just know
- you’re the “last resort friend”
- your friends won’t hesitate to cancel plans with you if better plans come along.
-That your friends expect you to always be free to hang out with them at their convenience.
- Your friend’s have no problem texting other people while you’re hanging out. But when you know they are hanging with other people, and you try to text them, they ignore you.
- That you have pretty shitty friends, but if you get rid of them, you’d have no one. And it’s not like you have a line of people e
waiting to replace them.

Casey Anthony, NOT GUILTY.  I, along with a billion of other people, am completely stunned and appalled.  What kind of justice is that? What is wrong with our judicial system? I know that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove her guilty, but look at her! She’s got guilty written all over her.  Not once did this bitch start crying about her daughter, in court AND when she went missing, but they read the verdict and all of a sudden BAM smiles and tears. I’m a mother, and if one of my kids went missing you’re damn right I would be a wreck and tearing up the town looking for them. Not partying and getting tattoos that describe my “good life” It’s a shame that she’s going to walk soon and probably make bank from book deals, possible movies, interviews yadda yadda.. It may sound horrible for me to say, but I hope she gets a good dose of karma.  Maybe someone will wrap her up in a garbage bag and throw her away. We all know the guilt isn’t going to eat at her. She’s a pathetic human being and doesn’t deserve any sympathy or freedom. end rant

Note from an Art Teacher

So, it’s been a few days… things have been busy and I’ve neglected the past few school days notes. Well, today’s note will be a bit different… kinda more emotional and more personal than work related…

Though, I am going to start with work. Getting close to state Assessment time, so that’s new. I get to learn the ins and outs of conducting a state assessment… woo… so exciting… (says sarcastically). Also, tomorrow, I interview for my current position for the coming years.

“Huh? Don’t you already have the job?” Technically yes, but only for this year. I was hired late in the school year so they could only offer me a contract for this year. So tomorrow, I interview to basically keep this job. Praying that it’s God’s plan that I keep this job… would be a bit of a bummer if I had to look for a new job and move come summertime… just a bit of bummer… So, all y'alls thoughts and prayers tomorrow would be greatly appreciated.

Now some thought a prayer on a personal matter. My grandmother was hospitalized this morning for a stroke… not serious, but a stroke none the less. She lives far away so it kinda sucks not being able to see her and help… My mum is worried sick, but is waiting to travel out there since it’s not serious. Either way, quick healing and not complications is the prayer I’m praying, any other voices would be awesome.

Another personal matter (this one will get long, probably whiny, and boring/over heard; so apologies in advance). Normally, I use this notes thing to vent about work, or give advice to teenagers about high school from a young teacher’s perspective; so don’t think this will be the norm… I just have to get this off my chest…


Why is it so hard for me to make close friends… to find that special someone… or a special someone?…

Lately I’ve felt so alone. Yes, there’s God to talk to, and that’s great, really, but it’s not so often that I get a worded or spoken response. I can tell Him all about my day, or the recent anime I’ve gotten into… I can tell Him how frustrated I am at a game or about my fears that my co-workers don’t like me… but how often do I hear back… does He say “Yo! I feel ya girl!” Not very often… He keeps me safe (very good at that), has provided for me in so many ways (job, place to live, friends), but then there’s things He doesn’t provide (yet… I hope). Before I moved, I had one friend I could talk to about everything… she was great! and I miss her so much… I had other close friends too, who I could confide in… they may not have shared my interests like the one friend, but they cared and knew me. Now, I have no one to go to. No one to talk and do cosplay… no one to chill with… I HAVE NO ONE WHO HAS WANTED TO JUST HANG OUT WITH ME SINCE I MOVED HERE IN OCTOBER! I just want a friend to call and say “Hey! Come over! Lets watch some Parks and Rec!” and that sucks! I would just like a close friend again.

To add on to the someone to be with… (again, sorry if this makes me sound desperate or stupid)… I’m one of those “relationship virgins”. I’ve never been in a romantic relationship with someone. How is it this hard to find someone who’s interested in me… I’ve been told I’m a good catch (doesn’t seem like it, but apparently I am). Yes I do have one really important standard… they need to be a Bible believing, born again Christian… when religions mix in a relationship… things tend to not go well but that’s a whole other deal I’d rather not go into… but so far, every person that’s met that standard has not worked out… then the very small handful of other guys who’ve liked me don’t believe in God… I know relationships are far from the fix all… I know they take work… but to have someone give my self-esteem (which has been steadily going down hill) a boost would be great. To have someone I could spoil and adore… that would be great… Just, God, what is Your plan for me???? I’ve been alright with waiting since I didn’t know where my life was going… but now, I have and established life… I’m planning on staying here… so could Ya send someone my way? Please? *more whining about my pathetic love life that no one should care about*

I’m sorry to dump this here, but like a said, I need to get this off my chest so maybe I can move on from it.

Thank you for reading! Tomorrow I’ll be back with more on the working life and some notes for all y'all teens out there. Have a great rest of your day/night!

we really really don’t wanna go to class today. We just wanna stay home and clean while watching an SVU marathon. That’s all. Maybe make a nice dinner for the family but noooo we have class.



anonymous asked:

You're such a fucking pathetic cliche. I'm so depressed and sad living in a house with parents and expensive clothes and my $600 camera. Check out my pics. I'm a total hardcore lesbian and I so love Nirvana and Pink Floyd even though the only song I know by them is Smells Like Teen Spirit. I'm so hardcore and I totally hate my daddy even though he buys me everything I want. Check out my Metallica shirt. I'm so emo and depressed .. look at these shallow as cuts on my wrist. But don't tell anyone!

First of all, you’re pathetic for ranting on me for being bisexual. I grew up listening to Nirvana and Pink Floyd, my Metallica shirt was a gift from my dad, he loves them since he’s a young boy. Emo? I’m diagnosed with depression, this is MY blog, MY life, MY problems, now.. Who the fuck asked your opinion? - oh! that’s right, no one!

I don’t live in a house with parents, nor do I have an expensive camera- my mum has financial problems also, most expensive clothing piece I own are my vans shoes. 

I’m growing up without a daddy, you should hang yourself for being an awful person.