Ah, I was told I needed to post this on my social media accounts by a close friend, so here goes.

For anyone who’s struggling with direction in their life:

A path in life isn’t like a walking path. It’s more like the branches of a tree, or how any plant grows. You don’t pick a path because it’s preset for you, and you’re not given any directions. You pick the steps in your path because it is ultimately best for you as a whole. A tree branch doesn’t grow into another tree, or under a buildings shadow. It grows towards the direction with the best sunlight, because that is what is best for the tree.
The tree is never told to do this, and yet it flourishes, given enough light and good roots. Your roots are fine. Now you just need to grow towards the sunlight. And the sunlight isn’t a set of directions or a “meaning” either. Your sunlight is what is good for you. Your sunlight is what is healthy and happy for your little branches, so that they can keep growing towards the sunlight.
Sometimes a tree starts to grow a branch, only to find out that it takes more energy to keep the branch alive than the branch provides to the tree, and so the branch shrivels and dies. So too do people go down paths that aren’t best for them. But rather than coming to a point in the path and demanding to continue down it, we just have to turn a different way, or backtrack a bit, and make a fork in the road. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a part of life, it’s what people do. That’s where we gain experience and knowledge of ourself. So you’ve grown a branch that is using more energy than it provides. You need to let that branch go for now. Focus on your other branches, and put it out of your mind. Now, later you might check to see if the direction that branch was going is still bad or not, but don’t invest more energy in that branch right now. Let it die for now. But don’t ever let yourself think that your whole tree is worthless or needs to die because of a few dead or dormant branches. I can guarantee you have plenty of sunlight in your life to sprout a few new branches.