Back to BN! by Jeff Carlson_82 on Flickr.

After a few years of being renumbered into various number series’, these TEBC6’s have finally found their way back home to the BN! These all started off as BN SD9’s before being rebuilt into slugs in the early 90’s, and while they’ve been stored for some time now, the BN fan in me really likes that they’ve “come home,” even if it’s short-lived.

I received my order from Gemma Flack today. I’ve been in love with her work for sooo long, but never actually bought anything from her.

I got several zines (some extra to include with my penpal letters), stickers, a patch (I have no idea what to do with it but it’s so pretty!) and an art print.

I love all of it and if you don’t know Gemma’s work yet I suggest you check her out soon :)

Damn it! Come back you little…!

I’m gonna get you all and even if it’s the last thing I ever… Oh! Screw it! Send the ticket to the developers. I’ll go back to making snowmen.

Patch isn’t prepared for the adventure of taking it on bugs. She usually ends up opening a ticket and gets flooded by bugs.

Note: For those who joined my last mod-stream. Tomorrow there is another.

KISS PC with the great Fight Crume patch by @theshadowgallery336 

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