Sometimes you gotta let go…

That’s no coffee in the bottle…

Actually, Sonic is a prime example of something that I’d hate happening to Patch. He turned from a legend, a character that everyone admired into some kind of joke.

Anyway, we have a handbook of things we gotta do to ensure QA. That’ll make sure that Patch stays fresh, even after a looong time.

By the way, did you know that you can find Patch on the Akinator? Check her page on it out, we’ve hidden a sketch by the amazing dileak there to entice you to search for Patch. You may need to wait for it to be approved

Like My Grandma’s couch

–Essie : Cocktail and coconuts

– China Glaze : Harvest moon n°80621

– Essence : stampy polish

– Biguine : matt nail polish

–Stamping plate Pueen 24


English version bellow

C’est mon 1e reverse stamping. J’en suis plutôt fière. Très honnêtement, j’ai dû m’y reprendre à 3, non à 5 fois. J’ai testé la technique de la très talentueuse Didoline (peindre le motif sur le tampon et l’appliquer directement sur l’ongle) mais elle n’est pas faite pour moi…

J’ai finalement utilisé une feuille plastique sur laquelle j’ai déposé du top coat. Une fois qu’il était sec, j’ai stampé mon motif sur le top coat, puis je l’ai peint. Ensuite, j’ai déposé une fine couche de top coat sur mes ongles, j’ai décollé chaque motif de la feuille et je l’ai appliqué sur mes ongles comme des patchs. 

J’ai adoré cette technique : je trouve ça plus facile que de peindre directement sur le tampon et surtout plus rapide. Ça permet de préparer tous les patchs en une seule fois et le motif ne se déforme pas lors de la pose. Le reverse stamping est à la portée de tout le monde car c’est une technique très facile à utiliser. 

Et vous, vous avez déjà essayé ? Quelle technique vous préférez ? 


English Version

This is my first reverse stamping. I’m rather proud. Quite honestly, I had to restart it 5 times. I tried Didoline’s technique, a talented french nail artist (paint the pattern on the pad and apply it directly on the nail), but it is not made for me …

I finally used a plastic sheet on which I put the top coat. Once it was dry, I stamped my pattern on the top coat and I painted it. Then I put a thin layer of top coat on my nails, I took off each pattern from the sheet and I applied it on my nails as patches.

I loved this technique: I found it easier than paint directly on the pad and especially it’s faster. It allows to prepare all the patches at once and they are not deformed during installation. In addition, reverse stamping is accessible to everyone because it is a very easy technique.

What about you ? Did you ever try it ? Which technique is your favorite ? 

Today’s the day, I’m super excited! See you at the MCA Zine Fair from 5-8.30pm this evening! I’ll also be taking my PayPal card reader for a spin - so plastic is welcome! xo


Building workspace 16%

If you ever developed with Eclipse you probably know that one. Sometimes, when you look at those progress bars it’s like a bad prank.

This Patch makes her way more relatable IMO. I struggle with this so bad every morning, it’s not even funny any more. Hate your alarm clock too?

I think it’s funny how her fur fixes itself on her way to breakfast.

Also, I wanna thank all of the people who got shirts, stickers, and iPhone case and a mug from our redbubble! You guys rock!
[Also, for the person who requested panel 2 as a mug]